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Letter Of Application Essay, Research Paper

4802 Country Lane

City, Texas 76048

Email: sklein@some.com

Phone: 817 568-0097

January 3rd, 2001

Mrs. Cindy Jones


3900 Commerce Street

Dallas, Texas 76895

Dear Mrs. Jones:

Please consider my application for the position of Junior Application Developer that you advertised on Monster.com. After reviewing the information on your company?s home page, I have become interested in obtaining a challenging position with your organization. I believe my experience and education will be of benefit to an organization such as yours.

I am currently a senior in the College of Business at The University of North Texas and will graduate in May with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Business Computer Information Systems. I have completed courses in COBOL, Java, C++, SQL, JCL, and REXX, as well as in various business courses such as management and accounting. I have worked diligently to reflect my standards for excellence in my academic work at The University of North Texas; As a result, I have maintained a 4.0 grade point average. Furthermore, I served as Vice President of Beta Gamma Sigma, the business honor society, for the 1999-2000 school year at UNT.

Additionally, my most recent job experience with The Jones Group, in Irving, TX, has given me the opportunity to utilize the new skills I have learned at the university, while also teaching me new skills. Through this five-year position as a programmer/analyst, I have become proficient in SCO FoxBASE+, Unix operating systems and applications, and customer support and interaction. Some of the key projects that I was solely responsible for include: year 2000 system updates, web page development for clients, user requested enhancements, database conversions for new customer installations, and change management.

I believe that my education and work experience make me a good candidate for your position. I have enclosed a r?sum? for your review. I am available for interviews at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. I look forward to learning more about your company.



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