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Hera – Goddess Of Love And Marriage Essay, Research Paper


Hera was the sister and wife of Zeus, The King of Gods,

which made her The Queen of Gods. Hera was the Goddess of

Marriage and Love, and protector of married women.

Cronos and Rhea were Hera and Zeus?s parents. When

Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Poseiden and Hades were born, Cornos

thought one of his children were going to kill him, therefore he

swallowed his children. When Zeus was born his mother put a rock

in a blanket and instead Cronos swallowed the rock. When Zeus

grew up he came back and killed Cronos and freed his brothers

and sisters.

Hera?s nickname was cow face. She was actually very

beautiful. Hera was very cruel and would get jealous when

another women would mess with Zeus, and she would seek revenge.

Since Zeus was not faithful, Hera started a revolt against Zeus

and planned to kill him. At first the plan appeared the plan had

worked. But Zeus came back. Zeus punished Hera and made her

promise not to harm him again.

Hera wore gold sandals, had a chariot and a great throne.

Her animals were the cow, the peacock and sometimes the cuckoo.

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