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“OO…it’s magic” captured the anticipation of the upcoming new millennium as the Homecoming theme. Whether as a spectator or as a participant, students celebrated their excitement as Homecoming week ended.

Center Parkway was transformed into a fantasy world during the parade after school. As a reminiscence of the closing century, clubs and organizations recreated the magic of mystical beings that have enchanted the world for years: a dragon, Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, an island, a magician, a genie in a bottle, and much more. Students marveled at the displays of familiar cartoon characters, superstitious symbols, and fearful beasts as they stood along the sidewalks and watched the floats pass by.

Many students maintained their spirits as they cheered at the football game that evening at Cosumnes River College. Valley Vikings defeated Davis, 40-17. “It’s one small step for the athletes and one giant leap for Valley High,” said sophomore Manveer Singh.

During mid-time, the floats paraded around the tracks; first prizes were awarded to the Class of 2000 and Pride of Pacific. “It feels great knowing that we worked hard to earn the title of the Homecoming float,” said senior Elisheba Thordson. The night ended with the crowning of Homecoming king and queen, Kelvin Truit and Janelle Foronda.

Fun, music, and laughter at the Homecoming dance followed. The theme was “This Magic Moment”, and the company “Feet First” hosted the dance. “The Homecoming dance was pretty fun. There were a lot of people showing their spirits and enjoying themselves,” said junior Fiona Tarn.

Many students treasured this moment as the last Homecoming of the century.

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