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Terrible Fall It was November 17, 1988 and it was getting cold and dark. I had just gotten a bike for my birthday. It was big and red. I took it out riding and I was going to go ride down the street. I was going back and forth down the street and all of a sudden my front wheel turns and I could no longer fight to keep the rocket spinning tire as I then fell off over the handlebars and landed straight on my face and head. I continued to slide on my face tearing it up like a meat patty in a grinder. I slid on my arms, legs, and stomach where I came to a stop with my bike attached to my legs. I was just laying feeling lifeless when cars are zooming by fast enough to create wind on my open cuts. The scary thing is that not one of them stopped to help me care for my wounds. A few minutes later a neighbor of mine rescued me. As I opened my blood filled eyes I catch this beautiful woman carrying me in her arms going door to door asking whose child this was. I had no clue where I lived or what my name was as a result of hitting my head on the hard sharp surface. Finally after I had bled all over this wonderful looking woman my house came up and as she knocked on the large castle doors of my house my sister answers the door and the only words I remember coming out of her mouth to me was HHAAAHHH!! Moments after that my father came to my rescue and picked me out of my rescuer s arms and took me to the bathroom to get washed up. About an hour later my family took me to the Hospitals Emergency Room where I was treated for broken bones, swelling of the brain, and extreme head trauma. I later was transferred to ICU where I was served ice cream and Orange juice. The doctor came in and told me of my battle wounds. He said thank goodness someone came a picked you up because if I were to lay there for another 10 minutes without anyone helping then I would have died right there. The reason for this is because before I was woken up I was not breathing and my brain was swelling because of the fact that it was not getting any oxygen. So to this day I do not get on a bike and swerve down a rocky little street. Also I am very thankful that some one out they re cared for me just out of the goodness of my heart. A affect result that happened to me after this accident and still have to this day is a Heart Murmur. In laymen s term a whole in my heart of a size of a quarter. It is caused by extreme trauma to the brain.

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