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Daniel Defoe


ROBINSON CRUSOE – Shipwrecked Englishman

FRIDAY – His native companion

LADDIE – a pet dog

The Summary of the Novel:

Robinson Crusoe was a young Englishman who went to sea in August, 1859, and didn’t return home till 28 years later. The ship he was riding on was attacked by pirates in the Caribbees, then shipwrecked. Crusoe was washed ashore on an uninhabited island, now known as Juan Fernandez Island in the Pacific off the coast of Chile, South America.

Using materials he found on the shipwrecked ship, Crusoe single-handed built his home, raised his own food, and made himself contented living alone. He stayed there for 18 years with Laddie, a dog companion. Then terror struck him when he found the imprint of a human foot on the seashore.

He discovered that cannibals visited the island now and then. Six years later, the cannibals came with victims to kill. One escaped and Crusoe saved his life. The latter turned faithful and Crusoe named him Friday, the day he was saved.

On his 28th year on the island, Crusoe sighted a passing ship. He hailed it with signals, and they were rescued and brought to England. Crusoe found a wife and settled down to raise his family and enjoy the wealth he have accumulated before. His man Friday lived with him, liking English city life much.


This novel was a real experience of Alexander Selkirk that inspired Defoe to write the novel. He wrote the story with simplicity, yet his style imparted narrative with a very realistic atmosphere that made this novel very popular.

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