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Theodore Roosevelt Essay, Research Paper

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most successful presidents in the United States history. He achieved many goals in life. Some of these goals were as follows: 1) He won the Spanish-American War; 2) He won the Nobel Peace Prize; 3) He was the youngest president in United States history. He also had other positions in life such as: 1) He was a Historian; 2) Politician; 3) Cowboy; 4) Buffalo Hunter; 5) Crime Fighter; 6) Reformer; and 7) a Calvaryman.

Theodore Roosevelt was born in 1858 and died in 1919. He became President of the United States when President McKinley was assassinated. President Roosevelt served in office from 1901-1909.

During the Spanish-American War Theodore Roosevelt served as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Rough Riders Regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel Roosevelt and his regiment led the charge up San Juan Hill, which became the most famous battle of the war. That charge made Lieutenant-Colonel Roosevelt a national war hero.

Under President Roosevelt the Panama Canal was built. Panama at the time was a providence of Colombia. President Roosevelt had a good way of getting a cheap price for the canal. He organized a revolution in Panama against Colombia. As a result of the revolution the United States recognized Panama as a country and was their protector. As the protector of Panama the United States got a permanent land grant of ten miles for the Panama Canal Zone. Those methods in which President Roosevelt used to gain the rights over the canal proved to be ingenious even though his opponents did not approve of them. But most of the American population approved of his methods.

Roosevelt had an aggressive foreign policy. He created the Roosevelt Corollary which said that the U.S. was not interested in gaining more land. The U.S. only wanted to see other countries around them be stable. It also stated that if their countries collapsed inviting intervention of other countries that were stronger, then the U.S. would act as an international police power.

TR was also a peacemaker. He made a compromise between Russia and Japan to stop the war that was going on between the two countries. This ensured a balance of power in Asia. This action one Roosevelt the Nobel Peace Prize.

So as everyone can see Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history. As well as the youngest he achieved many goals and defined the definition of the American dream.

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