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Hell Essay, Research Paper

HELL Hell. What is it? How do you get there? Well Hell isdifferent for many people. For some people Hell can be stuck inan elevator with Kathy Lee Gifford and listening to John Tesh beltout the tunes on his piano. Hell can also be living in a thirdworld country with no food and dying of some common disease thatis easily curable in some other country. Yet the hell that I havelearned through church is a fiery inferno of nothing but flamesand hardship for eternity. Hell is the place where bad people gobecause they did not satisfy god during their lives. I don t knowwhy but i believe heaven, earth, and hell are all stages. Heavenis the starting point. From heaven you go to earth to proveyourself. If you are good then you will go back to heaven, if you

are bad you will go to hell untill you redeem yourself. Hell iskinda like prision, if you are good they send you back to earth tosee of you have changed. Then if you are good they send you backto heaven. If you are bad in heaven they send you to earth to seeif you can change before you go back to heaven. The cyclecontinues on and on for eternity. We are all here on this earthto prove ourselves. Hell is not the place you want to go to it isvery bad, so be good and you will not have to go to hell. Ibelieve that heaven is the perfect place, you make it what youwant it to be, you can have anything. So if you are about to dosomething bad just remember if you do it to often you ll go tohell, be good and you will live in harmony and pleasure foreternity.

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