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President Nixon Essay, Research Paper

Nixon-Mini Test

1. What is Watergate?

Watergate is a building and it’s name has been given to a United States political scandal.

2. Who had their HQ there?

The Democratic National Party Committee.

3. What did Nixon want in 1972?

Nixon wanted a re-election.

4. What happened on 17th June 1972?

5 burglars in surgical gloves were caught in Watergate Building and arrested. The men were carrying rolls of film, cameras and US $ 1,754.

5. How did Nixon reason to news of the break-in?

Nixon denied all knowledge of the burglary.

6. What was the result of the presidential election in Nov. 1972?

The Republicans won and Nixon became president.

7. Did Nixon know about the break-in before it happened?

Yes, he had paid the 5 men to bug the Watergate complex.

8. How did he try to cover it up?

He lied and said he knew nothing about the break-in, and withheld the tapes which contained vital evidence.

9. What did he do that was illegal?

He obstructed justice, violated the rights of citizens, and defied congressional authority.

10. How did the truth emerge?

Through the account of the burglar and then the tapes.

11. What did the US Senate set-up?

A special committee (Senate Watergate Committee) to investigate the White House official’s involvement in the Watergate affair.

12. What damning evidence was given by one of the burglars?

He admitted that the White House had lied about their involvement and told the burglars to plead guilty and remain silent.

13. What was the role of TV at this stage?

The media broadcast the developments of the case on the television, and Nixon went on television and appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the affair.

14. Explain what the Watergate tapes were? (inc. comment about the missing 18 minutes) Why were people shocked by these tapes?

The Watergate tapes were White House tapes that Nixon had refused to surrender. Then through mounting pressure he released the tapes but 18 minutes of vital evidence were missing. The Supreme court demanded the missing 18 minutes and threatened to impeach Nixon. Nixon handed over the missing tapes, which revealed he had been aware of a cover up, tried to stop the investigation and lied. The American people were shocked that their president would have done these things. They were also surprised by his vulgar use of language when the tapes were played on TV.

15. What happened on 8th August 1974?

Nixon resigned from office and Gerald Ford was sworn in as president

16. Who became president?

Gerald Ford

17. What did he do about Nixon?

He pardoned Nixon for his actions, after a couple days of being president.

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