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If Escalus Is More Suitable For The Position, Why Does Vincentio Appoint Angelo As The Deputy? Essay, Research Paper

Justice serves as the main theme. At the end of the book, all of the characters are given their justice. This justice serves no purpose because it could have been prevented if Vincentio had made the right decision in the first place. Vincentio appoints Angelo as the deputy to make sure that there is someone who will uphold the law. It is Angelo s standards that make him more suitable than Escalus. When Angelo said that he must undergo more training while he was being appointed the deputy position, Vincentio should have made a wiser choice.

The major difference that sets Angelo apart from Escalus is the age. Escalus is much older and wiser than Angelo is. Escalus experience over Angelo is what makes Vincentio s choice more ironical. Angelo s severity is what separates both candidates. Angelo is very strict. This strictness makes him an ideal choice for Vincentio because Vincentio wants to uphold the law without punishing anyone in Venice. To Vincentio s surprise, Angelo decides to punish Claudio out of anger and law, but this is not what Vincentio had in mind.

Angelo is not only the ideal choice for deputy because he serves his own justice, but because he is a hypocrite and a scumbag. Angelo slept with a woman while he was betrothed and he tries to trick Isabella into sleeping with him. This is very ironical because it proves that the evidence is overwhelming as to why Vincentio choose Angelo over Escalus. Maybe Vincentio wanted to make Angelo the deputy to show him how cold-hearted he is and that he is the wrong authority to watch over Venice.

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