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Evolution Debate Essay, Research Paper


Evolution is a complex process by which the characteristics of living organisms change over many generations as traits are passed from one generation to the next. Many scientists agree on that concept. They have been trying to develop this theory over hundreds of years to make it reasonable and beliveable to people. In my opinion, I don’t think that evolution is the reason that us, humans are on earth.

People that are not quite religious and have little faith in God believe in evolution. Those who strongly stand by their beliefs supporting evolution, in my opinion, think they know enough about science and biology and all the complexities of the cell and the human being that they forgot who actually created all this. In the Bible, the Quran and most if not all of the religious books, it is mentioned that God created the earth in six days, Adam and Eve, animals and all living things. But obviously the evolutionists’ point of view is much different.

According to the neo-Darwinian theory, “In natural selection, specific circumstances in the environment allow a particular individual to survive and reproduce, passing its mutated genes on to the next generation. Serendipitous conditions in nature make the “choice,” not God.” 1 Statistics show that it’s almost impossible for this to happen, “to provide a single protein molecule by chance combination would take 10, to the 262nd power, years…To get the single smallest living cell, the mycroplasma hominis H39, it would take 10 to the 119,841 power, years.”2

“Natural selection (along with mutation) is said to have caused organisms to evolve from one basic kind (animals which can reproduce with one another) into another basic kind. This is prohibited genetically since all of the information for the development of an organism has already been encoded in the DNA of its parent. Variation to organisms must remain within its basic kind…evolutionists have tried to explain that natural selection happened in conjunction with mutations to the genetic code. This could not produce evolution, however, since mutations do not create new genetic potential, they just alter what is already there.”3 Now genetic alteration, or mutation is being taken place on animals like pigs and mice to try to have human DNA in their cells. The chances of this taking place successfully is again very low.

Some evolutionists argue that anti-evolutionists’ only sources are either religous or weak scientific facts. The second law of thermodynamics is broadly accepted by many scientists and states that, “…anything which is organized , tends with time, to become disorganized. Any physical system left to itself will decay, or, lose energy and organization within the system…In other words, this law says that the increase of information required for a life form to evolve could not happen as this increase in information by itself violates the law.”4 This disorganization is also called entropy.

1. http://str.org/free/reflections

“Measurements of the sediment deposited each year as a result of the Nile River’s overflow shows that the earth is under 30000 years old.”5 If you consider the Nile to have overflown more in the past times, this would place the age of the earth close to the biblical count which is around 4000 years.

It seems that for every evidence supporting evolution that is presented, a complementary and yet convincing, for myself at least, evidence disputes it. These were a few of the many evidences against the theory of evolution. They all lead up to the fact that there is a creator who created the world and every living organism, and not just one species which evolved into many.

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