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Christopher Tippins

Observation Report

Dr. Kibria

April 26, 1999

During the month of March, I observed a special education classroom at East Elementary School. This was a third grade class containing only disabled students. Although this class was labeled a third grade class, the students were on different levels in certain subjects. Most of these students suffered from learning disabilities as well as behavioral disorders. There was one student who suffered from a mild degree of autism. I worked with this student several days guiding him through several lessons. I have learned that a student with autism can be a bright student. His attention is the most difficult thing to grasp, once attained he had the ability to succeed along with the rest of the class. Although he had difficulty looking anyone in the face, eye to eye, he still understood what people were saying to him at all times. I also worked along with many other students as well. Many of these students lack a great deal of attention at home, therefore, they did their best to receive it in school. The males went through a quick bonding process with me because they could relate much better to an older male figure. There was only one female student out of twelve total enrolled in the class. I believe that I made a great positive impact on these students during my time spent with them. They looked forward to coming to school each to work with me. Often their behavior became unacceptable in the absence of my presence. I believe that more male teachers are needed in the special education atmosphere. I know that I can have a good impact on keeping their attention and maintaining their participation. Although my experience was in the elementary setting, I still desire a high school classroom atmosphere. I feel more comfortable teaching students who already possess basic reading skills and math skills. I hope to be teaching on a high school level of special education. I truly believe that I have chosen the right profession working with children who can really benefit from what I can give them, education.

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