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College Campuses Essay, Research Paper

College Campuses

I have been to many college campuses and seen how they are set up. They all are organized in the same fashion with the exception of few. College campuses are divided into different buildings, and the buildings are classified by the subject matter covered in each building. Stephen F. Austin State University is set up this way and its campus is an example of these facts.

Each campus has at least one administration building if not more. The administration building usually houses the admissions office, the financial aid office, the registrar s office, the business office, the president s office, and any other offices dealing with the administrative issues within the institution. Sometimes the administrative building will also be where guests come to get information on the school.

Almost all campuses have multiple academic buildings according to the size of the school. Each discipline at a four-year university usually has its own building if not more than one. At Stephen F. Austin, there are five buildings for agriculture, two art buildings, four forestry buildings, two fine arts building, three human science buildings, a childhood lab, a liberal arts building, a business building, an education building, a math and nursing building, two physical plant buildings, two telecommunications buildings, two more general science buildings, three general education buildings, and two libraries. Each of these buildings has classrooms in which students study that subject.

Most campuses that have sports teams have athletic buildings which house the teams. Stephen F. Austin has a multitude of sports and many athletic facilities. Homer Bryce Stadium is the football stadium where the Lumberjacks play. There is a fieldhouse next to the stadium along with the Lumberjack weight room. SFA has intramural fields, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and William R. Johnson Coliseum that houses the Lumberjack basketball team.

All collegiate campuses have specialty buildings that are usually used to keep the campus organized and running properly. Stephen F. Austin has a grounds and transportation building and a water tower. They also have a University police department and University health services building. There is a University center in which students can commune and socialize.

Each school that I have been to has had a centerpiece or a historic marker on the campus. Stephen F. Austin is no different. There is a statue of Mr. Stephen F. Austin in the middle of the campus and there is a historic building called the Old Stone Fort.

Student housing is another large part of schools on campus buildings. At Stephen F. Austin, there are fourteen dorm buildings and five sets of apartment buildings. There are seven female dorm halls and seven male dorm halls.

All colleges and universities have at least one cafeteria. SFA in particular has two cafeterias.

As one can see, collegiate institutions are divided up into many different sections in order to make it easier to find one s way around. If a school were not organized in this fashion, finding where one is going would be difficult. The organization of the school in this way helps the school run smooth.

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