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Hank Heuler has been collecting his artwork since 1954. He has

traveled all over the world learning and teaching the different studies of art.

In Heuler’s exhibition he displays his 40 years of work. Heuler’s show is

mixed with wooden engravings, pencil drawings, sculptures, and my

favorite, painted metal relief.

Heuler’s work was colorful, inspirable, and showed a great deal of

creativity. Heuler’s, ” Trophy “, was definitely my favorite piece of work. It

is a smooth painted metal relief design. The style of ” Trophy ” was abstract.

To me ” Trophy ” appears to be the outline of a woman’s body. It looks as

though she is stretching back. It is painted in florescent colors. Heuler uses

bright orange, yellow, green, and red that make your eyes wonder around the

whole design. The defined lines swirl up and down, and left to right. The

whole piece caught my eye right away. ” Trophy ” pops out towards you

down the middle of the woman’s body. ” Trophy ” is really amazing to me. I

prefer artwork that is loud, and stands out to me. Heuler definitely showed

that in his OPUS 40.

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