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Paula Abdoul Essay, Research Paper

She started off being a sister.. of 5 big brothers! Who once formedthe jackson 5. A famous black pop group When she was still a veryyoung lady. She wanted to sing like her brothers..but her fatherwho was the directer of the jackson 5 thought hat girls didn,tbelong in the world of singing. Just men could resist all the badtemtation and hard emotionnal losts. But she sang by her own.. untilshe reach the age of 16, a producer overheard her sing.. anddecided to have an interview with her. She accepted immidiatly.. butsecretly to meet the man. After hearing her sing, They singnedimmidiatly a record.

She started off with songs.. well already written songs.. then shebegan writting her own songs..a nd people helped her produce them.The thing is she was a really shy girl. Always hiding.. and alwaysaraid to try new things.. all this because of the family situation.Where females must be dominated.. so even though she was thebig boss she acted like if she were a worker.. and not in chargeof anything..

That’s when Paula Abdoul stepped in. She created the mostwonderful choreagraphys for her videos and shows. And one day.. Janetstarted saying.. no i don’t like that certain move.. though i likethat one.. And slowly she started producing and inventing herown steps and foot works! She developped a much higher self-esteem.

In an interview with janet jackson she revealed that she likedbeing sexy and retroactive. She always wanted to be famous. Andshe realized her only dream.. singning! Now she is the worldmost famous black artist. She raised more money than her ownbrother Miceal jackson who is also very famous! unlike herbrother.. Janet is persuing her carreer and still wants toproduce new albums in the upcoming future! She says her carreerjust took a new turn with her last album.. Velvet-rope withis more R&B and more calm than her last albums.

As for the dancers selection, she starts with simplecreterias.. has to be handsome, in shape.. and know how todance.. So she assist every pick up day and selects with afew of her friends the best ones.. in those best ones.. shemakes a tape out of each and runs them over and overagain..Until she selects the most original and outgoing ones.And she starts building a choreagraphy. She started withnothing and ended with everything.. She is an exemple forus women.. to follow

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