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A Recipe For Wakeboarding Essay, Research Paper

A Recipe for Wakeboarding

The first step to getting up on a wakeboard is to change into your swimming suit. The second step is to go down to the dock and take the boat off of the boatlift. Once the boat is in the water, softly turn the key until the engine fires up. Now that the boat is warm, we are ready to put on our wakeboard. You do that by simply sliding your feet into the rubber bindings that are attached to the wakeboard. After you have the board attached to your feet, you are going to grab a life jacket and fasten it to you securely. Now we have the life jacket and the wakeboard on us, you want to jump in the water and wait until I throw the rope is thrown out to you. Now that the rope is in your hand, you want to have the board positioned so that your toes are pointed straight up in the sky, with your knees slightly bent, laying in the water in a relaxed position. Once you are ready, you yell to the driver, “Hit it”. The driver will accelerate as you lean back, as if you were sitting on a chair. When you are near submerging from the water, you will want to twist the tip of the board towards the back of the boat slightly bending your knees while you skim across the top of the water.

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