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Abortion-Saving A Life Or Murder Essay, Research Paper

Legal Murdering

I am here to discuss the topic of abortion.

I. I have greatly accepted the invitation to come to this seminar and discuss abortion with you.

A. I thank each and every one of you for attending this class.

B. I thank you for listening to the previous speakers and me so intently.

II. I light a match and burn a tissue.

A. As I light this match, think about how the baby is feeling as a needle is pushed into its tiny body.

B. (The tissue is done burning and is in the garbage.) Now how would you like to feel a burning sensation on you skin or inside your body.

III. I would like to refer to something that Mr. Matt Stoltz said in his speech.

A. (Quote) “Pro Choice is Pro Death”, (unquote)

IV. I have an aunt that is a rich lady that married into the Shwan Family (ice cream) that can more than afford a child.

A. My Aunt is an exotic dancer who, on a good day, over a lunch hour, can make $2000 dollars.

B. Her and her husband decided to make love knowing the consequences of perhaps having a child.

C. She became pregnant, but her husband didn’t want kids.

D. Listening to her husband, she aborted her baby.

V. With that I would like to ask you a few questions.

A. How many of you are Pro Choice/Pro Life? (Hands rise for each side.)

B. How many of you have children?

C. If yes, tell me what your life would be like today if you didn’t have your children.

D. How many of you plan on having kids some day?

E. If you don’t want to have children, why don’t you use some sort of protection, or not have sex at all.

F. Did your mother abort you? It doesn’t look like she did to me. If she didn’t abort you then why would you abort your child?

G. How could you even think of killing your baby? Is it not a human being? Would you kill your baby after you have already given birth to it?

Killing a baby that is inside of you. You may not think anything of it right now, but how will you feel about it in the future? Will you feel guilt later on? I can almost guarantee that you will wonder what it would have grown up to look like, what its voice would have sounded like, and what it would have accomplished?

VI. What is abortion?

A. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy

B. That includes natural abortion?A miscarriage

C. The numerous method of man-made abortions.

VII. First of all, how many of you actually know about what an abortion really consists of. But first, I’d like to lay to rest a common excuse for abortion

A. Many people believe that all a fetus is, is tissue, they think it is like any other tissue in the woman’s body.

1. They are no further from the truth than you can get. A body part is defined by the genetic code that it shares with the rest of the body. The unborn baby’s genetic code is completely different from that of the mother’s.

2. It is possible that one of the two may go through severe trauma and die. Even though one may die, it is possible for the other to survive. Thus proves that they are separate individuals.

3. The child plays an active role in its own development. It determines the coarse of the pregnancy and what its birth date will be.

4. Being inside something doesn’t mean that you are apart of it. Look at AIDS, it climbs into another cell, does that mean that it is now apart of the cell, no, AIDS uses the cell it’s in for nourishment, as does a baby.

5. Humans shouldn’t be discriminated against because of the place of their residence.

VIII. (Graphs 1 & 2) Did you know that of the 6,335,000 pregnancies each year in the United States that??

A. Fifty-four percent are unintended

1. Of that fifty-four percent?

a. Forty percent ended in the birth of a child

b. Thirteen percent tragically ended in a miscarriage

c. And sadly enough, forty-seven percent ended in abortions

IX. (Graph 3) The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancies in the Western World.

A. In 1990, there were about one million pregnancies among women aged fifteen to nineteen.

B. An estimated eighty-four percent of those women became pregnant unintentionally.

C. By the age of eighteen, nearly one in five unmarried teens that experience a pregnancy will become pregnant again within a year.

D. About twenty-one percent of all abortions performed, are performed on women under the age of nineteen.

X. Rape and Incest

A. Aborting a baby that is a result of a rape or a case of incest will cause most women, a sense of guilt and will add on to the feeling of victimization.

1. You shouldn’t punish the innocent of a crime that they had no part in. You should punish the one who committed the crime.

XI. How many of you know how the doctors abort the babies?

A. Let me describe a few of the procedures

1. The most common way to perform an abortion V&A (Vacuum and Aspiration) or, if within two weeks after a missed period, it is called Menstrual Extraction.

a. It is used in ninety-eight percent of all abortions

1. The cervix is slowly enlarged, dilated.

2. A plastic tube that is attached to a vacuum aspirator, a suction machine, is inserted into the vagina and passed through the cervix into the uterus.

3. The suction of the uterus removes the fetus and the placental tissue, which then passes through the tubing into a vacuum bottle.

2. Another procedure is used in about one percent of the abortion cases. It is called D&C (Dilation and Cureage).

a. After the dilation of the cervix, the doctor scrapes the lining of the uterus with a spoon-like tool called a curette to remove the fetus and placental tissue.

3. Often, V&A and D&C are combined. The doctor scrapes the placental tissue of the uterus and then sucks it all up.

4. After fifteen weeks of gestation, forced labor is often induced.

a. The next procedure is used in less than one percent of the total abortions

1. (Pro Life Answers?p165-168) Injecting a saline, salt, solution induces forced labor, or more commonly used, prostaglandin, a substance that stimulates the uterus, into the uterus.

a. This is done to start contractions.

2. Labor and expulsion can range from several hours to several days.

5. All other types of abortions account for less than one-half of one percent of abortions executed in the United States.

a. (Magazine picture) D&E (Dilation and Evacuation)

1. This is the most gruesome and cruel way to perform an abortion

2. After dilation of the cervix, the baby is horribly cut apart and then sucked out of the uterus by a vacuum aspirator.

3. No one can tell me that a baby like the one in that picture comes with a little tag on it that says, “Some assembly required.”

b. More often after the first trimester in the late second trimester into third trimester is the procedure D&X (Dilation and Extraction).

1. A doctor, physician, injects a powerful drug called digoxin, which affects the heart, into the heart to kill the fetus.

2. After the baby is dead, labor is then induced.

c. D&X (Dilation and Extraction) is preferred by a few abortionists because it poses the least amount of risk to the mother.

1. After dilation, the baby is pulled out of the uterus until only its head remains inside.

2. The doctor then cuts a hole in the baby’s head and sucks out its head causing it to become smaller because it caves in.

d. In the most extreme cases, a Hysterectomy is performed, complete removal of the uterus.

XII. You may think that on there is no harm to anyone but the baby, but?

A. (Graph) There are numerous physiological wounds that occur to the mother.

B. It plants horrific images in the minds of the staff that participated in the abortion.

C. The mother and participating abortionists will have to live with the thought that they murdered an innocent child.

D. (Graph) Cost is another problem.

XIII. For everyone who believes in the bible, Here is a sheet with some verses out of the bible that states that abortion is wrong (indirectly).

XIV. They are now using these aborted babies to help grow new Myelin for kid with diseases that affects the brain.

A. They can use the brains of miscarried babies.

B. This is not an excuse for murder.

XV. Now that you have seen and heard the horrors of this horrendous legal crime. How would feel to be in the position to have to make this decision and knowing what will happen. Now that you have heard and seen the facts, I leave you with this thought, Doctors that commit abortions are like legalized hitman, they are given there mission and target and then take it out with no question asked. They are compensated for it later. NOW what do you believe?

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