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Antonys Speech Translated Essay, Research Paper

People of the crowd listen as I speak.

I am here not to compliment Caesar, but to attend his funeral.

When a man dies the wrong doings he has committed remain,

But the good deeds are often never remembered.

This very thing has happened with Caesar. The grand Brutus

Has told the people that Caesar was ambitious.

If this was true, it was a regrettable shortcoming on Caesar’s part.

And his ambition is what got him killed.

Caesar took the place of Brutus and the rest while they were gone

For Brutus was upstanding man

The rest are upstanding as well-

But I have come to speak at Caesar’s funeral.

He was my friend and he was loyal and fair to me.

But Brutus says he was ambitious,

And Brutus is an upstanding man.

He has rescued many Romans from being prisoners of war.

He has generated great amounts of funds for the public treasury.

Caesar did all this but did it make him seem ambitious?

When the poor were in trouble Caesar felt their needs

Someone who was ambitious should have been tough and ridged.

Yet Brutus says he was ambitious,

And Brutus is an upstanding man.

Every one saw that on that day

I presented Caesar with the king’s crown.

And he refused to take it all three times. Was this ambition?

Yet Brutus says he was ambitious.

And, sure, he is an upstanding man.

I tell you this not to discredit Brutus,

But I only speak what I know.

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