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Anthrax Essay, Research Paper

Anthrax is a bacterium that was first founded in 1876. The anthrax bacteria can survive in the soil for decades. When this bacterium gets into the air, the sunlight can easily kill the bacteria. Recently terrorists and criminals got their hands on this bacterium. The most risk for this bacterium is for animals. This bacterium looks like baby powder. It is white and powdery.

When come in contact with this powdery substance you should wash your hands and leave the room. Washing your hands can keep the anthrax from floating in the air and go into your lungs. When it is in your lungs it is more dangerous to your lungs and your other organs. There is a cure for this anthrax bacterium, but it is not available to the public. The treatment for anthrax is an antibiotic called Cipro. Another vaccine is penicillin which should be taken as soon as possible to prevent sickness.

I have learned a lot during the last couple of weeks. I heard from the news and by reading this article. I did not know what the anthrax bacterium is. I did not know that it is so deadly. I always thought that it was something minor and the publicity made the problem larger then what it is. Now I know how anthrax looks like and what I should do when I come in contact with it.

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