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East Francia Government Essay, Research Paper

King travelled around a bit, but limited number of palaces. Frankish tradition of assemblies where embassies held and

expeditions planned kept up in the East. Simpler government, less based on written word than Western

counterpart and Italian counterpart ? C the B big into capitularies none from

the East survive, v. few diplomata ? chancellery unproductive, less technically

advanced in terms of government but superior in terms of warfare ? shown by

comparative lack of Viking raids and ability to use simultaneous armies, Louis

the German could negotiate with Vikings and did so successfully in 872 / 3 0

occasional clashes with West and the East usually did better ? no technological

lead but maybe economic and political stability. Uncertain nature of countships and counties in the East

Frankish kingdom ? less of a sense of the King being present in the localities

through his officials than there was to the south and to the west.? With Saxon, Bavarian and Allemannic differences

diffiuclkt to rule through people ? institutional machinery wa slacking ? a

kingdom indeed, but on with very marked regional differences (and antagonisms)

? rulers who were formidable beyond its borders, but with them excersised

power and influence patchily.

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