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What will the Catholic school girl do now? She doesn’t want to say “goodbye” to her precious friend. Her precious friend Was a good friend for many lengthy years, Helping her all those years. Her precious friend Talked to her When she was lonely And extremely upset. Her dear friend Sat beside her When everyone else betrayed her. Her dear friend Listened to her ideas, Rather than ignore her completely. Her nice friend Gave her great gifts, When it was her beloved birthday. Her nice friend Gave her tasty chocolate When she was feeling Down and dirty. Her awesome friend Taught her how to bake a caramel cake, So she could give it To her mother, ON MOther’s Day. Her sweet friend Laughed at all her jokes, Even when they Were not that funny. Her sweet friend Swam long laps With her on a Hot, summer day. Her sweet friend Ran many miles With her on the Track and Field. Her nice friend, Once was there, And now is gone. She is sad to her stomach, And filled in tears. For now she has to live wihout her friend for many years.

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