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Technology Essay, Research Paper

To sign up for Easy Internet Access, simply follow the steps below.

Select the Easy Internet Access icon from ACE or the Windows 95 Desktop

When the Easy Internet Access program launches, you will view a short film summarizing the benefits of the internet. At any time during the film clip you may click the Stop button and the Sign Up button.

After you click Sign Up, the Welcome Page will appear. Click Next.

The Sign up Page will appear. Choose *50 hours of free service for 3 months option. Click Next.

(If you would like to sign up for a permanent account you may do so at any time during the trial period. You will not be charged until your free trial ends.)

The Terms and Conditions Page will appear. Choose Accept.

The User Information page will appear. Enter your name, address and phone number. Click Next to continue; and, Next again after you confirm your User information

The Dialing Setup page will appear. Type in your options and click Next to continue. The Registration system will be dialed and your user information will be sent.

Select a Local Internet Access telephone number. Click Next to continue. Your computer will dial this telephone number to connect you to the Internet.

The Sign-up Complete page will appear. Click Finish to complete your Internet sign up. Note your new e-mail address and user name. Now you are ready to surf the internet!

* See Terms and Conditions included in this Guide.

** When selecting a local access number, please remember that calling a number within your area code does not guarantee that the call is free. Please check with your phone carrier to make sure the number you have selected is considered a local call in your area. Acer and GTE are not responsible for additional

Accessing the Internet

Click on the Easy Internet Access from Windows or the ACE desktop.

Easy Internet Access Welcome Screen appears you are ready to surf the internet! If you have questions, click on the Help button.

Re-establishing Your Internet Account

Sometimes things happen. A file gets corrupted. You accidentally delete everything in a folder. To get back functioning you first you will need to reinstall the Internet Browser software that came with your system. To do this please refer to the Service Center area and the Acer Software librarian section. Then to get back on the Internet, all you have to do is just sign up again. See the Sign Up for Free Internet Access above.

Logging off the Internet

Keep a close watch on your internet access time. Time flies when you are having fun surfing! Frequently note your remaining free access time in the lower left corner of the the Easy Internet Access browser.

To close the internet connection, choose the Hang up button. To Exit the browser and close your internet connection, click the Exit button.


E-mail is an electronic messages sent across the Internet to other users. You can attach files, and download files using E-mail.

Your E-mail is held for you in an electronic post office at your Internet Service Provider. People can send you E-mail even when you are not connected to the Internet.

When you log on to the Internet and open the mail window, any new E-mail waiting for you will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Your computer has been configured so that when you register for your Internet account, your E-mail account is automatically configured.

Surfing and Searching the Internet

The Internet is a great resource for information. It is like going to a library, except it is online. Before you cruise on the Internet you should make yourself familiar with a few concepts.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator. This is the website address that tells you the computer s name, the location of the information files it contains and the filename. This address is just like your mailing address at home. This is the address you see in magazines and more recently, television commercials.

How to read an address:


1 2 3 4 5

http: stands for HyperText Transport Protocol. It tells the computers on the Internet how to transport the hypertext information.

www: In most cases, www represents a website on the Worldwide Web.

Acer: this is the actual location of the computer site that has information.

com: this is an extension that identifies the type of Website. In the US, some of the more common extensions are, com = company, gov = government, org = non-profit organization, edu =education . Other countries may have their own extensions.

/aac/aspire: this is the subdirectory of the acer computer which contains information. The information in this section is specifically for Acer customers.

Home Page: This is the first page displayed when you go to a website. It usually contains an index of what that site has and links to go to those pages. Acer s home page is www.acer.com/aac/ which will give you a complete index of all Acer s products.

Search Engines: These are companies that have put together and indexed, lists of websites. This makes it easier to search for your topic of interest.

Surfing Hypertext, Links, When you are on a web page, there may be highlighted text or pictures. When you move your mouse over the text or pictures the cursor will change. If you click on these areas, it will take you to another location where there will be more information about the topic. You are being linked to another web page.


If you know the address and want to go to that location directly, just type the address in the Location or Address box of your browser and hit enter.

Address: http://web address

If the computer at that specified address is online, it will take you to that website. Sometimes you might get an error that it could not connect. This means the computer is down, busy, or may have moved without a forwarding address.

Searching for a Topic

If you are searching for information in general:

Log onto the Internet by clicking on your Easy Internet Access browser.

Click on the Search button.

Enter the information that you are looking for and it will provide you with a list of websites that have related topics.

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