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The American Revolution A Civil War?

In order to answer the question, “Was the American Revolution a civil war?”, one would have to define what a civil war is. According to Webster’s dictionary, a civil war is “A war between factions or regions of the same country.” This makes answering the question quite simple. The British government not only founded the colonies it controlled, but considered them some part of their country. The colonies were an overseas venture for the British government to become rich and have more natural resources. Being overseas does not constitute a new country. In that case, if Puerto Rico would raise a war on us, we would not be able to call it a civil war. Since the United States at that time was not even considered the United States and swore to the British flag, it was still a part of Britain and by declaring war on Britain or conceiving any type of plan against the central government, the United States was not only committing espionage, but also causing a Civil War. It has just been engraved into public opinion in the States that a Civil War is bad because of the Civil War that did occur in the United States, but to the contrary some Civil Wars have been for the best. Take the American Revolution for example.

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