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Frankenstein: Morality Essay, Research Paper

Frankenstein: Morality

Morality. It has been questioned by people, honored by people and

revered since the beginning of time. Yet even today not one person can say what

is morally right. It is a matter of opinion. It was Dr.Victor Frankenstein’s

opinion that it was alright to create a “monster”. Frankenstein’s creation

needed a companion. Knowing that his first creation was evil should the doctor

make a second? With the knowledge at hand, to Dr.Frankenstein, it is not at

all morally correct to bring another monster into the world.

Looking at this probelm with his family in mind, the doctor begins his

work on the second monster. The first monster threatened Frankenstein and even

his family. The monster angrily said to Frankenstein, “I can make you so

wretched.” (pg. 162) Trying to scare Frankenstein for not creating his mate the

monster resorted to threats. If the good doctor does create a companion for his

first creation he may be endangering others. “The miserable monster whom I had

created,” (pg.152) says Victor upon looking back at his work. If there is

another monster there will be twice the power and possibly twice the evil,

which could hurt or kill his family. When and if Frankenstein commits the moral

sin of creating another monster he may be rid of both monsters forever. “With

the companion you bestow I will quit the neighbourhood of man,”(pg 142) promises

the morally corrupt monster to the doctor upon the completion of his partner.

When the doctor, if and when he, finished his first creation’s mate there is a

chance that the monsters will not keep their promise and stay in Europe envoking

fear into townfolk.

The good doctor, trying to act morally, destroys the monster for the

good of the world. The monsters can potentially take over whatever they please.

“A race of devils would be propegated,”(pg. 163) thinks Frankenstein to himself

in his study. The monsters, if powerful enough, could possibly take over Europe.

Frankenstein realizes that he can not possibly doom the world to benefit

himself. “Shall I, in coold blood, set loose upon the earth a daemon..”(pg.

162) argues Frankenstein with his creation. It is not morally right for one

person to unleash such a terror on the world to benefit only himself and his

family. Frankenstein will not let any example change his mind on the point

that the monster is and will always be morally corupt. Continuing on his point

that the monster was too evil to duplicate, Frankenstein says, “Your threats

cannot move me to do an act of wickedness; but they confirm me in determination

of not creating you a companion in vice.”( pg. 163) Frankenstein will not

sacrifice his morallity because of persuation from a monster. Although

beholding the threat of death and misery Frankenstein held his ground and did

not sacrifice his moral.

When and if Frankenstein creates another monster he can not feel as if

he has done the morally right thing. From creating the monster Frankenstein

will some how be making people other than himself unhappy. ” I consent to your

demand, on your solem oath to quite Europe forever, and every other place in the

neighbourhood of man,”(pg. 143) says Frankenstein as he sees the power that the

two could possibly possess. The good doctor sees that with his own hands he

could possibly scar the world forever. The doctor wants, if anyone, himself to

be unhappy instead of all of man kind. “Begone! I do break my promise,” (pg.

162) states the doctor angrily. Not thinking about himself but the world

unselfishly breaks his promise to the monster. Possessing such a great mind the

doctor is able to realize that a greater evil will be realesed upon the earth

then upon himself. “Your threats cannot move me to do an act of wickedness,”(pg.

162) says the doctor as he argues his point with his creation. The doctor sees

that a greater and more horrible result can come from him making the second

monster than not.

With the knowledge at hand, to Dr.Frankenstein, it is not at all

morally correct to bring another monster into the world. On the one hand if the

second monster was created Frankenstein’s family would be saved. By the same

token the rest of the world could be forced to bow before two hideous monsters.

The problem, making or not making the second monster, played heavily on

Frankenstein’s mind, possibly caused his brief lapse into the realm of the

insane. Even though Frankenstein began his work for the good of man his

experiment ended up hurting himself and his family.

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