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Uniforms Versus Creativity


…nor shall any state deprive any person of life,

liberty, or property…

“Yes I know my enemies They’re the teachers who taught me to fight me Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality,

the elite All of which are American dreams”- Rage Against the Machine

The addition of school uniforms is a travesty to the school social environment. Adding the uniform system can destroy the already thin social fabric of a school. The addition of the uniform can as well devastate a local economy.

Social interaction and the building of an independent personality require many different aspects of the life of an average American student. One part of building this independence is how a young person chooses to present themselves to the world around them. School is probably a good 50-75% of that world. A part of presentation is definitely dress, and if this option were to be taken away from students across the country, a good chunk of the way a young person expresses him or herself has just been suppressed. Suppression, as far as my personal experience has taught me, usually results in trouble and instantaneous havoc. If the ability to express oneself through clothing is taken away, who knows what ways maybe replaced to make up for this

The collapse of a local economy is also another factor to bring into consideration. Back to school shopping is the second busiest time for stores after the December holidays. Most department stores and mom and pop shops alike wait for the back to school season. A good question to ask is “Will school uniforms crash my local economy? Chances are yes, if the average high school population of 1700 spends around $80 plus about $45 on shoes that is $225,000 of lost business. For a small city, that is a very large hit. A hit like that can create such a snowball effect on the economy that it could send the economy on a recession creating lost jobs and perhaps lead to a depression

On a couple of final notes, I believe that uniforms should not be enforced in public schools. Moreover, what does an extrovert person do when their means of self-expression is taken away? Simple. They will find another way of regaining their self-esteem. Fighting being the usual choice. Seem like nothing ever changes. History repeats itself like a broken record. In addition, the worst of it is, the adults are the ones who never learn from past mistakes.

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