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Tuesday’s With Morrie Essay, Research Paper

tuesdays with morre is a sad story. It is about a friendsip beetween a college

professor and his student. When Mitch went to college at Brandeis University he had a

college professor name Morrie Schwartz. Though the four years that Mitch went to

college they became really good friends. Mitch asked Mr.Morrie if he could be his mentor.

To Teach him all of the things life had to offer. After Mitch graduated

from college they agreed to stay in touch. Mitch got a great job offer to be a sports

columnist in Detroit, so he took it. Well time went by and they called each other every so

often, but after awhile Mitch was much to busy with work that he lost touch with Mr. Morrie.

He thought about him every once in awhile but never called or wrote him. One

night when he was watching television he saw Mr. Morrie on nightline. That night he

learned that Mr. Morrie had Lou Gehrig’s disease. After Mitch heard about his illness he called

him. Mr. Morrie was glad to hear from Mitch. He told him that he had a lot of

things he wanted to discus with him before he died. It was a class and he was the

only student. the class met on Tuesdays. It began after breakfast. The subject was the meaning of life.

It was taught with experience. No grades were given, but there were oral exams each week.

He was expected to respond to questions, and you were expected to pose questions of your

own. No books were required, yet many topics were coverd, including love, work, community, family, aging,

forgiveness, and, finally, death. The last lecture was brief, only a few words. a funeral

was held in lieu of graduation. Although no final exam was given, you were expected to produce one

long paper on what you learned. The last class of Mr.Morries class had only one student, which was Mitch.

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