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Активні дієприкметники теперішнього часу в сучасній українській мові вживаються обмежено, на відміну від російської мови. Ці форми утворюються від осн...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
If you have a computer, then you have heard about operating systems. Any desktop or laptop PC that you buy normally comes pre-loaded with Windows XP. ...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
Nowadays, the use of carbonated drinks, meaning that they contain carbon dioxide gas creating those bubbles and fizzling which many kids and adults, a...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
Information science is primarily concerned with the structure, creation, management, storage, retrieval, dissemination and transfer of information. In...полностью>>

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Упражнение № 1

1. Can you have lunch with me on Friday?

I’m sorry, I cannot. I have to go to the doctor.

2. Can you go for a walk with us tonight?

I’m sorry, I cannot. I have to go to look after my son.

3. Can John spend a day or two in the country?

He is sorry, he cannot. John has to get ready for the exam.

4. Can you wait for me a few minutes?

I’m sorry, I cannot. I have to hurry up.

5. Can you stay here for another couple of minutes?

I’m sorry, I cannot. I have to be off.

6. Can your friend go to a football match with us next Saturday?

He is sorry, he cannot. He has to go to a house-warming party.

7. Can your daughter go out today?

She is sorry, she cannot. She has to stay in bed.

8. Can you have a walk with me after work?

I’m sorry, I cannot. I have to go shopping.

Упражнение № 2

  1. The bus was overcrowded, so I had to take a taxi.

  2. It was raining heavily, so I had to take an umbrella.

  3. My son could not translate the text, so I had to help him.

  4. The bus was leaving in 5 minutes, so I had to hurry up.

  5. He was having his exam at the end of January, so he had to work hard.

  6. Something was wrong with the TV-set, so he had to call a specialist.

  7. His wife was away on business last week, so he had to cook meals.

  8. He didn’t know how to do the sum, so he had to ask for help.

  9. We didn’t get ticket for the evening performance, so we had to go to the morning performance.

Упражнение № 6

  1. If the weather is fine on Sunday I’ll go for a walk.

  2. If I meet your friend today I’ll tell him to call you.

  3. When I be in Moscow I’ll go to the Kremlin.

  4. After my exams I’ll have my holiday in Sweden.

  5. If I get a good offer I’ll change my job.

Упражнение № 7

  1. If I see him I’ll give him a gift.

  2. The table will collapse if you stand on it.

  3. If he eats all that he’ll be ill.

  4. If I find your passport I’ll telephone you at once.

  5. The police will arrest him if they catch him.

  6. If he reads in bad light he will ruin his eyes.

  7. Someone will steal your car if you leave it unlocked.

  8. What will happen if my parachute doesn’t open?

  9. If he washes my car I’ll give him ₤10.

  10. If she need a radio she can borrow mine.

  11. If you don’t go away I’ll send for the police.

  12. I’ll be very angry if he makes any more mistakes.

  13. If he is late we’ll go without him.

  14. She sill be absolutely furious if she hears about this.

  15. If you put on the kettle I’ll make the tea.

  16. If you give my dog a bone he’ll bury it at once.

  17. If we leave the car here it’ll be in anybody’s way.

  18. He’ll be late for the train if he doesn’t start at once.

  19. If you come late they’ll not let you in.

  20. If he goes on telling lies nobody will believe a word.

Упражнение № 9

  1. The room is cleaned every day.

  2. Two trees were blown down in the storm last night.

  3. Paper is made from wood.

  4. There was a fire in the hotel last week. Two rooms were damaged.

  5. Many different languages are spoken in India.

  6. There houses are very old. They were built about 500.

  7. Many American programmes are shown on British television.

  8. ‘Is this a very old film? Yes, it was made in 1949’

  9. My car was stolen last week. The next day it was found.

  10. The transistor was invented in 1948.

  11. She has a very good job. She is paid $3000 a month.

Упражнение № 10

  1. How is the glass made?

  2. When was Australia discovered?

  3. What is silver used for?

  4. When was the television invented?

Упражнение № 11

  1. Our students were given a lot of homework to do. Our students will be given a lot of homework to do.

  2. What kind of books was discussed in class? What kind of books will be discussed in class?

  3. Comrade Ivanov was often asked to translate articles from English into Russian.

Comrade Ivanov will be often ask to translate articles from English into Russian.

  1. How many houses were built in our city last year? How many houses will be built in our city next year?

  2. Why weren’t these exercises done? Will these exercises be done tomorrow?

Упражнение № 12

  1. Unfortunately houses aren’t built very quickly. Are houses built very quickly?

  2. I’m sorry, but this work will not be finished tomorrow. Will this work be finished tomorrow?

  3. The delegation wasn’t met at the station. Was the delegation met at the station or near the office?

  4. The article hasn’t been translated into Russian. Has the article been translated into Russian.

  5. The work can’t be done tomorrow morning. Can the work be done tomorrow?

  6. The doctor hasn’t been sent for. Has the doctor been sent for?

  7. The question hasn’t been discussed. Has the question been discussed?

  8. Comrade Petrov isn’t wanted on the phone. Is comrade Petrov wanted on the phone?

  9. The rules will not be revised at the next lesson. Will the rules be revised at the next lesson?

  10. The book was not written in 1966, it was written a year later. Was the book written in 1966?

Упражнение № 16

  1. The policeman read the suspect his rights after he had arrested him.

  2. After John had washed his clothes, he began to study.

  3. George had waited for one hour before the bus came.

  4. Maria entered the university after she had graduated from the community college.

  5. Jeanette washed its pipettes after she had completed the experiment.

  6. Jane sent a letter to her university after she had received her scholarship check.

  7. After the stewardess had served lunch to the passengers they sat down.

  8. The car had flipped ten times before if landed on its roof.

  9. We corrected our paper after we had taken the quiz.

  10. John had lived in Miami for one year when his parents came to visit.



Corporations need financing for the purchase of assets and the payment of expenses. The corporations can issue shares in exchange for money or property. Sometimes it is called as equity funding. The holders of the shares form the ownership of the company. Each share is represented led by a stock certificate, which is negotiable.

It means that one can buy and sell it. The value of a share is determined by the net assets divided by the total number of shares outstanding. The value of the share also depends on the success of the company. The greater the success, the more value the shares have.

A corporation can also get capital by borrowing. It is called debt funding. If a corporation borrows money, they give notes or bonds. They are also negotiable. But the interest has to be paid out whether business is profitable or not.

When running the corporation, management must consider both the outflow and inflow of capital.

The outflow is formed by the purchase of inventory and supplies, payment of salaries.

The inflow is formed by the sale of goods and services. In the long run the inflow must be greater than the outflow. It results in a profit, in addition, a company must In addition, a company must deduct its costs, expenses, losses on bad debts, interest on borrowed capital and other items. It helps to determine if the financial management has been profitable.

The amount of risk involved is also an important factor.

It determines

le fund raising and it shows if a particular corporation is a good



Корпорациям необходимо финансирование для приобретения активов. Корпорации могут пускать в обращение акции в обмен на деньги или имущество. Иногда это называют деловым способом образования денежного фонда предприятия. Держатели долей формируют число собственников компании. Каждая доля, представленная в виде сертификата акций, является оборотной.

Это означает, что можно купить и продать это. Ценность доли устанавливается чистыми активами (т.е. стоимостью имущества за вычетом обязательств), разделенными на общее количество выделенных долей. Ценность доли также зависит от успеха компании. Чем больше успех, тем большую ценность имеют доли.

Компания может также получить капитал путем кредитования. Это называется долговым финансированием или образованием денежного фонда предприятия с помощью займа. Если предприятие занимает деньги, оно дает долговые расписки или облигации. Эти денежные документы также являются оборотными. Но доля должна быть выплачена, не важно прибылен ли бизнес или нет.

При управлении корпорацией руководство должно учитывать оба потока капитала: отток и приток.

Отток капитала формируется за счет покупки инвентаря и запасов (сырья, материалов, проч.), выплаты заработной платы.

Приток капитала образуется за счет продажи товаров и услуг. В конечном счете, приток капитала должен превышать его отток. Это приводит к прибыли. Кроме того, компания должна уменьшать свои затраты, расходы, потери от безнадежных долгов, доли в заемном капитале и проч. Это помогает определить, было ли финансовое управление выгодным (прибыльным).

Также необходимо учитывать такой важный фактор, как объем рисков.

Это определяет сбор средств, и это показывает, является ли корпорация интересной с точки зрения инвестиций.


Marketing includes blithe business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers. Sometimes it is called distribution. On the one hand, marketing is made up of such activities as transporting, storing and selling goods and, on the other hand, V. series of decisions you make during the process of moving goods from producer to user. Marketing operations include product planning, buying, storage, pricing, promotion, selling, credit, traffic and marketing research.

The ability to recognize early trends is very important. Producers must know why, where, for what purpose Hie consumers buy. Market research helps the producer to predict what the people will want And through advertising lie attempts to influence the customer to buy. Marketing operations are very expensive.

They take up more than half of the consumer's dollar. The trend in the USA has been to high mass consumption. The construction of good shopping centers has made goods available to consumers. It provided a wide range of merchandise and plenty of parking facilities.


Маркетинг (продажа) включает несерьезные виды деловой деятельности, связанные с движением товаров и услуг от производителей потребителям. Иногда это называют сбытом. С одной стороны, маркетинг (продажа) состоит из транспортировки, хранения и продажи товаров и, с другой стороны, ряда решений, которые Вы принимаете в течение процесса перемещения товаров от производителя потребителю. Процесс продажи включает в себя разработку новых продуктов, закупку, хранение, калькуляцию цен, содействие в продаже, реализацию, репутацию, изучение рынка сбыта.

Способность оценивать должным образом первоначальные тенденции очень важна. Производители должны знать: почему, где, для какой цели его покупатели производят покупки. Изучение рынка сбыта помогает производителю предсказывать то, что будут хотеть люди, и через рекламирование лжи пытается влиять на потребителя, стимулирую его покупки. Маркетинговые воздействия очень дороги.

Они отнимают больше половины доллара потребителя. Тенденция в США привела к высокому массовому потреблению. Строительство хороших торговых центров сделало товары доступными потребителям. Это обеспечило широкий диапазон возможностей для продвижения товаров и достаточного места для стоянки автомобилей.


The computer industry is one of the largest in western countries and especially in the USA. It includes companies that manufacture, sell and lease computers, as well as companies that supply products and services for people working with computers. A computer cannot think. A human operator puts data into the computer and gives instructions.

The operator writes instructions which determine the mathematical operations on information. A computer solves mathematical problems very rapidly. Traditionally, the computer in business is used to process data.

This involves different administrative functions such as preparation of payrolls, inventory control in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations, customer accounting, billing by banks, insurance companies, public utilities and mass circulation magazines.

Now the computer takes on new kinds of jobs. It has become more involved in business operations as an essential tool in making decision" at the highest administrative level.

Booming personal computer markets have helped Hitachi and to bump up profits. Both companies yesterday reported surging sales and profits in their interim group figures. Toshiba's net profits were for higher than last year's at almost 28 billion yen while Hitachi re] more modest 17 per cent rise to nearly 58 billion yen. The biggest profit from chips.

For the full-year Toshiba expects profits to continue rising to 80 billion at the net level, while Hitachi has raised its forecast from 120 billion yen to 140 billion. Word-wide demand for semi-conductor chips is expected grow by 40 per cent to more than $ 140. billion.

Strong demand for overseas tourism as a result of the soaring yen higher sales for Japan's leading airlines in the six months to the end of September. Stiff competition, however, limited improvements in profitability.

Asahi glass, the leading Japanese glass manufacturer, said :

architectural and fabricated glass had been hit by falling exports commercial building and vehicle sectors. Sales totalled Y454.3bn a tax profits came to Y8.2bn.

Sales of glass for construction use and for cars were weak while glass bulb sales remained firm, supported by strong domestic and inter demand. Electronic product sales were Y40.4bn, while sales of other products, including optical lenses and frames and health equipment amounted to Y1 1.9 bn.


Промышленность средств вычислительной техники - одна из наибольших в западных странах и особенно в США. Она включает компании, которые производят, продают предоставляют в аренду компьютеры, а так же как компании, поставляющие продукты и услуги для людей, работающих с компьютерами. Компьютер не может думать. Человеческий оператор закладывает данные в компьютер и дает инструкции.

Оператор пишет инструкции, которые определяют математические операции с информацией. Компьютер решает математические проблемы очень быстро. Традиционно (обычно), компьютер в бизнесе используется, чтобы обрабатывать данные.

Это касается различных административных функций, таких как инвентаризационный контроль в производстве (контроль за состоянием запасов в производстве), складирование товаров, их распространение, расчет с клиентами, операции с банками, страховыми компаниями, предприятиями коммунального обслуживания и большим количеством популярных журналов, участвующих в распространении или рекламе товаров.

Сейчас компьютер осваивает новые сферы занятости. Он стал более вовлеченным в деловые операции в качестве существенного инструмента в принятии решений на самом высоком административном уровне.

Быстро развивающиеся рынки персональных компьютеров помогли компании «Хитачи» увеличить свою прибыль. Обе компании вчера сообщили о колебании продаж и прибыли в предварительно сгруппированных цифрах. Чистая прибыль «Тошибы» была выше прошлогодней почти на 28 миллиардов иен, в то время как «Хитачи» имеет более скромное 17-процентное повышение почти к 58 миллиардам иен. Самая большая прибыль от микросхем.

Так как «Тошиба» ожидает, что за год прибыль продолжит увеличиваться и составит 80 миллиардов в «чистом» виде, то «Хитачи» «поднял» свой прогноз с 120 миллиардов иен до 140 миллиардов. Потребность в полноразрядных полупродниковых микросхемах предполагает рост прибыли на 40 процентов и составит более чем 140 миллиардов долларов.

Острая потребность в заграничном (заокеанском) туризме возникла в результате взлетевшей стоимости иены выше продажной цены для ведущих авиалиний Японии в течение шести месяцев вплоть до конца сентября. Жесткая конкуренция, однако, ограничила доходность.

«Асахи стекло» - ведущий японский производитель стекла, сказал: производство стекла для строительства и конструкций, столкнулось с падением экспорта коммерческих (торговых) сооружений и сектора транспортных средств. Продажи насчитывали Y454.3bn, налоговая прибыль доходила до Y8.2bn.

Продажи стекла для строительного использования и для автомобилей были незначительны, в то время как продажи стекла для электрических лампочек оставались устойчивыми, поддерживаемые повышенным спросом в пределах страны. Продажи электронной продукции были Y40.4bn, в то время как продажи других продуктов, включая оптические линзы и структуры, а также оборудование для здоровья, составляли Y1 1.9 миллиарда.

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