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Car Jacking Essay, Research Paper

Car Jacking

Car Jacking is a nation wide problem. There are many horrifying tales that people have encountered. In April of 1999 a woman and her baby were car jacked in their hometown in Georgia. The mother stepped out of the car and was giving her baby a bottle when out of nowhere a man pushed her into the back seat of her car and he jumped into the front and took off. She was screaming and yelling and trying to fight the man. Then she realized she had a cell phone in her babies? diaper bag. She managed to get to the phone and then she dialed 911 and left the line open. She was scared and nervous and didn?t know where she was going or what was going to happen to her and her baby. She was trying to name out landmarks so the 911 operator could lead the police to them without the car jacker?s knowledge. The car started slowing down and she was getting ready to jump out when she suddenly realized that there was a car following them. A man got out of his van and jumped into the backseat with her and the baby. They heard

sirens from a police car but it soon faded away. She knew the police were looking for her. She wondered how she could tell the police to come back to help them. She was talking to the kidnappers loud enough so the operator could hear, that police car can?t be looking for you, they went by us. Soon the police came back and pulled the car over. Everything turned out fine because of this woman?s quick thinking. (Weingarden 1-3). Car jacking is a problem in the United States. There has been a rise of auto theft and car jacking in the past years. There are also ways to prevent this crime and tips to be aware of if you are ever in this situation.

In United States they have recorded over 35,000 attempted car jackings in the last year and they are on the rise (Brewer 1). Also, a speculation is that all victims of car jacking are women and that is not true. Early one morning, two teenagers stole a man?s car in his driveway, and in a rage the man jumped onto the car, which was a careless thing to do. He eventually fell off and was run over. When a situation like this strikes, people don?t know what to do and go into a state of panic like this man. He put his life into danger for a possession, his car. Your life is much more valuable that an object and some people figure this out after it is too late (Brewer 1). Even though this gives an example of an instance when a man?s car was car jacked, the fact is that more women are susceptible to this crime. There has been an increase in violent crimes associated with women in the last few years (Davies 1).

In example, one lady whose assailant tried to help her at first, was caught by surprise when he kidnapped her in her own car. He beat her and locked her in the trunk. Through her perseverance, she was able to pry the trunk open. She finally had to leap from the vehicle and was picked up by a Good Samaritan. The police found the man and he was wanted for the murder and rape of a woman the week before (Morris 1-6). Don?t be fooled by the helpfulness of a stranger. Without her perseverance and smart thinking she could have ended up just like the woman before her.

There are many precautions that you can take to prevent car jacking and auto theft. Using things like pepper spray, you can defend yourself if you are ever in this situation (Drury 1). Another invention that could be useful to you is the Stop Jack. This instrument once set up will stop your car when someone takes control of the car and pushes the other person out. It can sense when the car door opens. If it is not disarmed with the magnetic card then it will kill the engine dead in its tracks within 20 seconds (Harris 1-40). A third new tool for the prevention of car jacking is a panic button that is on a cell phone. If you are in trouble you press the panic button and it will connect you to a control center and it will be forwarded to the police. This invention is starting to be installed in some rental cars in major cites (Popular Mechanics 1). These products on the market as well as car alarms can help prevent a dangerous outcome.

In conclusion, as these stories indicate car jacking is on the rise and can end in deadly situations. There are many ways you can increase your chances of not being car jacked. Prevention tips can help people make the right decisions. It could mean the difference between life or death of a victim of a car jacking. Here are some things that would be helpful to know if you were in a car jacking situation. If someone confronts you in your car do not get out, roll down your window (Brewer 1). Use your common sense and try to pay attention in unfamiliar and different situations (Drury 2). Stay calm and think about the task on hand. Make a goal in the situation and put yourself in front of your car and possessions. Try to carry some form of communication in unsure and unfamiliar areas. Please use common sense and be careful.

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