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Female Circumcision Response Paper Essay, Research Paper

The article by Janice Boddy about female circumcisions is very disturbing, as in the way it descirbes in detail the events in the circumcision. Female circumcision is a painful, and unneseccary procedure that is practiced in certain parts of the world. It’s believed to be practiced for the reason to keep the girls virgins until they marry, it can also be noted that “in Sudan virigins are made, not born”, and to prevent rape occurring to them. It has also be pointed out that this occurs in order to make them more sexually attractive to males, this happens due to the fact that it makes males believe it is more sexually stimulating to them. When it has been pointed out that after marriage it sometimes can take up to two years in order for full penetration to occur, and if it takes longer then a year for the new couple to concive the male is looked down on. Female circumsion is an uncessary practice that was put in place to keep daughters from having sex before marrage.

It seems that in the religion of this country of the article, it is the males who want this practiced to be followed and not the women. Janice Boddy seems to take the reasons for this from the men, and doesn’t really ask the women why it is being done to them. When it is happening to the women, but the only reason they do this is for the approval of the males in their praticualar region. The males are the determining factor in the circumcision they are the ones who want it. This custom of the country can be directly related to anorexia in the western world, whereas women will starve themselves to make themselves more sexually attractive to males. It’s a wonder why men in countries do not have to endure pain like this to make them more attractive. Men seem to be more superficial then women no matter what part of the world you are in. Males seem to put certain restrictions on females to make the females more attractive to them. Another reason that female circumcision occurs, is because it is believed that women are clean, and have morals when they have had this operation performed on them. They are believed to have morals, due to that they are less likely to have extramarital affairs when this operation has been done to her. This relates back the males having influence over the females point of view on what is attractive and what is not. Even during the festivities of the circumcisions of both sexes it can be observed that the males are the

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