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Life As A Basketball Essay, Research Paper


By Holly Bromeland

I started out as a brand new shiny basketball. But since then I have gotten old and worn. I have had a hard life. You don?t know how cruel kids can be. I have been through everything. Once I was nearly ran over

by a car. One day they left me outside, it was okay for a couple of day but then it started raining. Not just sprinkling we?re talking major downpour. Then the next day the kid sees me and just kicks me in mud.

How rude, kids just don?t respect their stuff. So I?m just sitting in the mud and the other kid comes, so I?m thinking come on kid please just take me inside. But oh no he had to use me and then after all of that he just had throws me back in the mud, some kids have alot of nerve. As if things can?t get any worse it just had to snow. Oh I get cold from even

thinking of that night. So when the kids are out building snowman and having snowball fights, I was slowly beginning to be covered by snow.

After about a week that finely went away, thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of days later the older kid grads me cleans me of a bit and stuffs me in his backpack. then he takes me to his school and throws in to his stinky gym locker. Help me kid I can?t breathe in here. After a couple of hours I didn?t think I was gonna survive. Somehow I managed to survive for the rest of the day. Then when I get home I figure safe at last but oh no the stupid kid just had to tell his mom that I was getting to old. So the mom just throws me in the garbage, so right now I?m sitting in a garbage Truck. I could just kill that kid, man people have such nerve.

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