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In the poem “Theme for English B,” by Langston Hughes, he talks about the African American struggle for equality. The poem starts off with a professor giving his students a paper to write about whatever subject they want. The instructor says to th students, “let that paper come out of you then, it will be true.” In the paper, Hughes explains everything that comes from his heart, just like his professor wanted him too. In the poem, he explains exactly how an Arican-America man feels, acts and what he does in everyday life. The point that he is trying to get across to his professor is that he, the black man, likes and does the same things as the white man. In the poem he say, “I guess being colored doesn’t make me not like the same things other folks like who are other races, so will my page be colored that I write?” Hughes is wondering is his paper is going to be graded differentely, because he is black. I felt that hughes was not asking for sympathy but just an understanding. he explains that a black man will always have an impact on a white man’s life, and or vice versa. He also thinks that his professor won’t undertand his poem, because he and his professor come from two completely different worlds.

After reading his poem, I felt that Hughes’s only wish is to be accepted not as a black man, but as an American.

I could relate to Langston Hughes’s writing, because I too, sometime wonder if the teacher understands what I write.

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