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The Imminent War Essay, Research Paper

The events leading up to world war II were clear signs of an impending war but, it all could have been prevented if the Allied leaders had been more careful with their diplomacy and threats. The beginning of the fouled events was Japans invasion of Manchuria and Italys attack on Ethopia. Both of these military actions demonstrated that the Allies were willing to make concessions to keep the world from war. With this knowledge, Hitler, against his advisors suggestions, denounced the portion of the versialles treaty which dealt with disarmament. Hitler logic was that since the Allies had not dissarmened, why should Germany? Hitler then went about rearming the Rhineland, the Russian/German buffer zone. These two actions were blatent violations of the versailles treaty and gave the Allies a clear sign of a reemerging threat with built up confidence.After rebuilding an army, Hitlers second goal was to unite all german people under the all powerful rule of a German Empire. When Hitler attempted to expand his boarders to Austria, the waiting Italian army stopped him. Austria was protected by the Italians, and this kept the Nazis at bay for a while until Hitler started to become better and better friends with Mussolini. Austria s plebicite vote on whether or not to become a part of Germany had a questionable outcome and so, Mussolini allowed Hitler to invade. Now that Czechoslovakia was surronded on all fronts by German territory, the countries very existance seemed an affront to Hitler himself, and since Czechoslovakia s Sudetenland contained about 3.5 million Germans it was inevitable that Hitler would want it for himself. In a false alarm, Czech troops mobilized and drew a military response from the Nazis. The Germans did not what to Eat Crow , so they declared war. In another effort of appeasment, the Allies handed over the Sudetenland. When Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union, an alliance of enemy superpowers should have sparked Allied military intervention but alas, this was not the case. The war to end all wars had now begun, and it did not have to be. With the Allies only worried about peacefully preventing a war, they unintentionally allowed the Nazi force to grow more and more powerful and the snowball effect of territory acquisition would have been stifeled.

2. The Atlantic Charter, with Roosevelt and Churchill, was an attempt at peace. In the Moscow conference the leaders agreed that would fight until the was an unconditional surrender of the enemy. They also agreed that after the war, they would still have to work togther, such as in the United Nations organization. The charter s existance was one of the agreements which prolonged the war. Tehran also included the leader of the soviets, Stalin, where he agreed to fight Japan, also coming out of this meeting was the decision to use Europes west coast as the main point of attack as opposed to the Meditterainian. Through the Tehran meeting, Russia gained control of Eastern Europe.Yalta had the same key leaders of Britian, America and Russia. One of the out comes of this meeting was the pull of Russia into the Pacific. The main point of this meeting was to make an attempt at avoiding spheres of influence using the U.N and self enforcing peace policies. Russia did not want to lose some of its influence and convincing them to go along with the plan took the concession of new eastern territory.Potsdam had a new generation of leadership which included Trumen, Altee and Stalin. Churchill was voted out because the British people felt that now the war was over, they needed some less liberal and so Altee was inducted. All previous agreements were reaffermened along with western movement of Poland at the expence of Germnay to better accomodate the Soviets. Germany was then temporarily split into occupied zones until a final peace treaty could be agreed upon and signed. Russia was dissatisfied with the US/Japan treaty and made there own in 1956.

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