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Pardon Debate Essay, Research Paper

Pardon Debate

Does money increase power over the rest of the nation? President Clinton s last minute pardons before leaving the White House has left a lingering shadow over his two year Presidency. To understand this controversy, we would need to discuss the Mar Rich pardon, the Glenn Braswell pardon, and the negative impact that these had on the former President and former first lady.

The article A President and a pardon, a price? written by Mark Mezzetti and Gary Cohen, stated that Marc Rich fled from the U.S. to Switzerland in 1983 to dodge a tax fraud charge. On the morning of Clinton s final day in office, the criticism was becoming well known around the White House. President Clinton had pardoned her from the tax fraud charge. Carol Elder Bruce, the clients lawyer, informed committee staff members that Mrs. Rich had contributed over $200 million to the Clinton Library Fund. (26). A well known source told U.S. News Today that so far Marc Rich has contributed $450,000 in the past three years. (26). Mr. Rich had donated more than $1 million for Democrats between 1991-1992. He also gave $70,000 to Hillary Clinton s campaign for New York s Senator.

While Micheal Milken, former Junk-bond king, waited for a pardon, Clinton fundraisers approached him for money. His spokesman stated that Mr. Milken gave nothing to the fund raiser.(26). But on Presidents Clinton s last day in office an e-mail had been sent to Jack Quinn by Denis Rich, Marc s ex-wife, that there was news that Milken will not get the pardon. Milken, who was a pardon applicant that did not contribute to the Clinton Library Fund.

Another pardon that was given before President Clinton left was for Glenn Braswell. An article written by Mark Mazzetti and Shelia Kaplan called The scandal that keeps on giving , gave the impression that herb supplement dealer Glenn Braswell was pardoned the same day also. President Clinton s brother-n-law Hugh Rodham had accepted $400,000 to plead Braswell s case. (25). This damage was felt mostly by Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton was disappointed in her brother. The former first lady insisted that Rodham return the money that he had taken for the case. The White House log books records each visitor s time and date they enter the White House. Therefore they can track the times and days when Rodham was at the White House. The White Houses formal couple stated in an interview, that they know nothing about Rodham s connection with the Braswell pardon. Rodham has been in politics for many years, and has also been an embarrassment to the Clinton s just as long. Braswell had been charged by several celebrity sports people, claiming that he unlawfully used their names for prostate products on advertisements. Since the pardon was not given a pardon application, it is not know why Braswell wanted it. Note that Braswell was not a Clinton supporter as with the other pardons. Answers to many questions are still going unanswered for these sudden pardons.

Many of the Democrats have been well aware of President Clinton s controversy over these pardons. The politicians are ready to move on and close the doors on the former Presidential family. Paul Begala, former Clinton advisor, stated the Democrats do not have to defend Clinton anymore. These pardons were not only brought up at the White House but Mrs. Clinton is receiving the same pressure as well. White House officials explains that we should start to focus on issues with the now President George Bush, than to focus on the Clinton s personal life.

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