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War 2 Essay, Research Paper

War!that mad game the world so loves to play. What has war brought – misery,sorrow and problems? It surely brings nothing more than a mood of desolation and emptiness where great sacrifices bring little gain. Everywhere in the world are heard the sounds of things breaking, the echoes of the world shattering. These echoes are the sounds of change as the conflicting nations are transformed socially, politically, economically and intellectually into a machine of complete


War means destruction, hurt and ruin. Nobody tends to like it especially when all the great powers of the world gang up against one nation in an unequal war and try to destroy all signs of progress and make the country go back to the middle ages. Missiles and bombs donot think, they hit and explode — whether you are a military man or civilian, sick or well, old or young, man or woman. Where can you hide?

In war, whichever side may call itself the victor there is no victor but all losers. The greatest loss on both sides is the loss of human life, which is irretrievable. War wipes out millions. If we just think for an instance and consider, we’ll find out how cruel it all is.It takes twenty years of peace or more to make a man and only twenty seconds of war to destroy him! The bodies of the injured and the dead lying in the battlefield form the most horrific part of it.Homes and way of life are disrupted in millions of such personal tragedies.

The Vietnam war, the Korean war and above all World war I and World war II are typical examples of their kind.The economic impact of war is also a disastrous one. In short, war only leads to increased tensions but we still depend on it for the solution of our problems.Isn’t it sensible to decide and settle issues by discussion rather than weapons? People who rely on their brains rather than emotions will be needed for tha transformation of this attitude.

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