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Guess Incorporated Essay, Research Paper

The Marciano brothers were the founders of Guess Incorporated.

They grew up in the South of France, a region which created a

passionate understanding of French design and the essence of style.

The Marcianos combined their European sensibilities with a love fof

classic American tradion and created Guess? Inc.

During the 1970?s fashion had no direction, it was a time when

people did not like to wear denim, they thought it was outdated and

they thought of jeans as a fashion statement. Well the Marciano

brothers changed that forever. Their approach to change fashion was

fresh, they tried to set a standard for new vision of denim. At first

retailers did not come to understand Guess?, Buyers thought that

denimwas finished. First, they started out with a three-zip Marilyn

jean. People thought it was sexy, they said it was a jean for those who

wanted to maje a statement and express their individual sense of style

and attitude. After resistance Bloomingdales agredd to sell two dozen

pairs of the Marilyn three-zip jean as a favor to the Marciano brothers,

they ended up selling out.

The label Guess? was born in 1981 and would become one of

the most recognized and influentialbrand names. The Guess?

collection has a large range of clothes and accessories for men,

women,and children as well as the home.

Since the begining Guess? has been organized by the Marciano

brothers, Maurice, Paul, and Armand. Maurice Marciano was the Co-

Chairman and the Co-Chief Executive Officer, he has overseen the

company?s design direction and inspired its lively and serious

expansion since 1982. Paul Marciano was the Co-Chairman and

Co-Chief Executive Officer. Armand Marciano was Senior Executive

Vice President, oversees retail, processing, shipping, and customer

relations for Guess? which has product licenses throughout the world.

Georges Marciano co-founded Guess?, he was given the credit of

naming the company and directing the original clothing line. He

started his career in fashion designing men?s silk neckties and relying

on his brothers to manufacture and market them.

Till this day Guess? continues to challenge the high standards

which have been created as the Company moves to remain a driving

artistic force in the 21st century. The Marciano brothers say that the

Guess? brand stands for something more than just a collection of

products, it stands for their commitment to the people.


Guess? established a foundation in 1994, it is dedicated to

positive change in the community.In the foundation they pay special

attention to the request for financial assistance that the foundation

receives from the non-profit organizations that benifit education, the

homeless, AIDS research and treatment, and the enironment.


Guess? has outreach programs to help those less fortunate.

These programs include Revlon Run/ Walk for Women, one of the

largest 5k fundraising events, Guess? got involved with the 6th annual

walk on May the 8th of ninety-nine. After that event the participants

gathered in the Los Angeles Coliseum to raise money for the fight

against cancer. Guess? also got involved with the Kosovo Refugee

Crisis, during this event Guess? associates responded to the

oppurtunity to help by buying t-shirts that said ?GUESS? CARES?.

They also participated in an event for a facility serving children on

skid row, called Para Los Ninos. Feed the Children was a foundation

that Guess? partnered with, its a foundation dedicated to providing

food and clothing to the nations children. Guess donated pairs of

pants, socks, shirts, and other needed items, to assist the victims of the

Oklahoma tornadoes. Guess also worked with the Children?s Bureau

of Los Angeles to provide toys for children who have been placed in

foster care due to abuse and neglect. Each year Guess employees give

them special Holiday gifts. Guess and other top designers donate to

Divine Design, then the merchandise is sold to the public, and the

proceeds go to Product Angel Food, a non-profit organiztion that

provides hot meals for homebound patients living with AIDS. Best

Buddies is a program that develops jobs for people with dissibilities.

Fall of ?98 Guess was the first company to in the garment industry to

participate in the Best Buddy program. December 1998, Guess started

a new program designed to raise money for schools. The program is

called The Guess? Fundraising Scrip Program allows schools to buy

this thing called Scrip, its a paper money like a gift cerftificate, from

Guess. Then the school sells it. The difference goes to raise funds for

computer labs, school repairs and music programs.

Guess has participated in many other events helping the

community, like boys scouts of America, March of Dimes, Catholic

Charities, The Fresh Air Fund, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council,

Toys for Tots, and many many more.

Recently Guess and Macy?s had cotributed to AIDS awareness.

They sponsored the fight against AIDS at Macy?s Passport Teen

Nights in San Fransisco and Los Angeles. The Event included many

celebreties. This event was held in September.

1. ?About Guess.? 11 October 2000.

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