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Precis Of Worn Path Essay, Research Paper

A Precis by Eudora Welty A Worn Path

Phoenix Jackson, a determined woman who lives in the country with her sick grandson who swallowed lye, goes on a journey through the woods to the city to get him some medicine. While walking, she warns all the animals and bushes to stay out of her way because of the distance she has to travel.

There are obstacles she has to overcome during her journey. She crosses a log that lay over a creek by putting her right foot out, mounting the log, then walking across the log with her eyes closed. Although surprised, she made it across and she took time to rest.

While resting, she is startled by a dog which caused her to fall into a ditch. Her senses drifts away until a white hunter and his dog greets her. She receives his help to get out of the ditch, then took time to converse with him. Without his noticing, a nickel fell from his pocket to the ground. While the dogs distracts his attention, she picks up the nickel and places it in her apron. Although she now has a nickel, her conscience bothers her because she now resorts to stealing. She leaves the hunter to continue her journey. Finally, she reaches the city. She walks the sidewalks in the paved city shared by other people. Phoenix stopped a nice woman and asks her if she would tie up Phoenix s shoes. The stranger ties Phoenix s shoes, then Phoenix walks into the doctor s office and announced her presence to the attendant who sat behind the desk. The attendant supposes Phoenix is a charity case, while Phoenix stares above her head in a daze. The attendant asks Phoenix questions, but Phoenix only responds with a twitch to her face.

A nurse enters the room and asks Phoenix if her grandson s throat is better or if he is dead. Phoenix sits motionless in her daze until remembering why she made the trip. The nurse could not believe she had forgotten why she had made the trip. However, her grandson is not dead. Phoenix replies that his throat is swollen causing him not to swallow or catch his breath. The doctor gives her the medicine, while the nurse marks charity in her book. Before Phoenix left, the nurse warns her that her grandson s condition is an obstinate case.

The attendant gives Phoenix a nickel. Phoenix now has ten cents and decides to buy her grandson a paper windmill. She walks out of the doctor s office. Her journey home begins as she walks down the stairs.

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