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“There’s no growth with out a lot of hard work and little risk.” (http://members.xcom.com./_xmcm/troycities/gebio.htm) This statement is a reflection of what Gloria stands for. However there is more to Gloria, than concerts and videos, her personal life. Which would consist of family and marriage. Then of course there is her fabulous career.

Gloria was born in 1959, in Havana, Cuba, her father, was a cuban solder. Gloria left cuba when she was two years old. Gloria wanted to become a psychologist. In 1975 Gloria was singing at a weeding with a local band called “The Miami Latin Boys.” the band leader Emilio Estefan was impressed. Eventhough Gloria was a shy person, Emilio enjoyed her smooth voice, and asked her to joined the band. Gloria agreed but only on weekends as a front singer. In September 2, 1977 Gloria married Emilio Estefan. In 1984, Emilio convinced record to release an English only album in the United States and European markets. In 1989 Gloria released her first solo album was released in English and Spanish.

In March 20,1990 Gloria was sleeping on her tour bus when a speeding semitrailer smashed into it, Gloria was almost killed. Gloria was in a four hour surgery, and it took a year of physical therapy. Gloria received 4,000 floral arrangements, 11,000 telegrams, and 50,000 postcards and letters, from her fans. In 1993 Gloria had a star on Hollywood walk of fame. In cuba she is known as “nuestra Gloria”. Gloria sold four million copies worldwide of “Mi Tierra” which earn Gloria’s first Grammy Award. Gloria has a son was born in September 2, 1980, she recently had a baby girl in December 5,1994. Gloria lives in a mansion in Miami’s star island. Gloria is now planning a tour, she is also thinking of transition into acting.

In conclusion, I think is really interesting to know about Gloria Estefan’s life. Since Gloria was small she worked hard, and gone a very long way to be were she is at, also her marriage with Emilio helped her to established her career. This research mad me realize that everything that you want can be done, if you put yourself in to it.

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