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Darwin’s theories and beliefs of his time caused a huge uproar among masses of people who knew of them. Even his scientist colleagues did not like the way some of his theories contradict beliefs in the Bible. One of the major theories that started it all was that of Natural Selection.

According to Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection man lives in a struggle to survive. There are many outside factors that affect the whole process, for instance the climate. In the selection process, Darwin says that man acts on instinct in order to protect himself and the surrounding nature. Man’s instinct can only be for the good of all beings. According to Darwin, this process has taken place ever since the beginning of time creating numerous sub-groups within sub-groups. This long process has created a diversity of characteristics in all the genera of beings alive. Darwin says that this sort of classification proves an independent force could not have created species. This independent force, of course, refers to God.

This kind of theory would have a huge impact on a society. Anyone who is not strong in their religious beliefs would be easily swayed to believe he/she is not the product of a higher being and just plain exists on this planet for no reason other than to protect and preserve nature. This could also cause uproar in the church. There are a lot of religions that try to turn people on to spirituality, so it would be a devastating thing to have some scientist come along and convince a bunch of people otherwise. According to Darwin’s theory, man acts on instincts through nature and not through his own free will. I know from experience, that people do not like to think they aren’t in control of their own lives.

Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection doesn’t seem like it could be easily accepted by many people. It contradicts religious beliefs and promotes that people aren’t able to act on anything other than instinct inherited through the generations of existence.

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