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History Of Pete Dalberg Family Essay, Research Paper

History of Pete Dalberg Family

By Jesse G. More

This is Jesse G. More presenting a history of the Dalberg family starting

with my Grandparents Pete and Ingaborg Dalberg.

Both of my grandparents were born in Apple Bowl Sweden in the province

of Dollernaw. Dollernaw is the province that is close to the Norwegian boarder

that is in timber country. Pete was born in 1858 he died in 1943 at the age of

85. My Grandmother, Ingaborg was born in 1856 and died in 1944 at the age of 88.

Pete actually was born a twin but the girl baby was under developed and born

dead. His Mother had a total of 11 babies but only 6 possibly 7 survived. Some

were born dead. Some may have lived only to infancy. Pete had 5 sisters. Pete

and his 5 sisters all came to America. According to one tape I have, that my

mother gave me. She said that the oldest child stayed in Sweden. I am not sure.

Yet on another tape my Mother said that he had 5 sisters and no brothers that

were living. There may have been one who stayed in Sweden, the oldest.

Now I do not remember all the first names of his sisters. Terry Johnson

Rierson came to America first. She actually was sent for by her husband who

lived in Wisconsin working in a mill. They were married in Wisconsin. After he

died and she had come to Idaho she then married Rierson. Anna Dalberg, Emma

Swanson then two sisters who were married to Andersons. One was married the

wife of John August Anderson, and one was married to John N. Anderson. John N.

Anderson was the father of Sam, victor and Florence. One of their names was

Breda. Which of the Anderson’s I don’t know but one was actually named Breda.

Now with the exception of Mrs. Johnson or Reierson my Grandfather helped

to bring all of them to America. He also brought his own parents to America and

helped them get land according to my mother. He actually traded some land that

he had in another place or the one up on the hill above Bear Creek which was the

old Taylor place. That is were they lived after they came to America until they

died. My Great Grandmother was also named Anna and she lived until 1912 and

died at the age of 83. My Great Grandfather L. M. Dalberg or Lars or Lewis

Dalberg, and my father was named after him. He died in 1911 at the age of 84.

Inagaborg had 5 or 6 sisters and brothers but only one other sister came to

America all the rest of her family stayed in Sweden. The only one that came was

Christina one of her younger sisters and I believe Ingaborg was probably the

oldest child in the family. Christina Thompson was my Grandmother and she was

Ingaborgs sister. One brother of Ingaborgs married the widow of Ed Danielsons


Ed Danielsons father was a professional skater. He fell through the ice

and was drowned. They actually saw him swimming under the ice. He couldn’t

find the hole and he drowned when Ed was only about a year old. His mother

married my Grandmothers brother and, they had I believe 4 children. When our

Grandparents were married Grandpa was 23 and Grandma was 25. She was not quite

2 years older than my Grandfather.

At one time when I was staying with my Grandmother at Bear Creek she told

me a story about when they were engaged. It seems in Sweden, at that time, when

a couple became engaged the man had to leave and be gone for 6 months. They

couldn’t even see each other for 6 month’s. So when Pete and Ingaborg became

engaged Pete had to leave that particular village. So he went to another

village about 40 miles away. Also they could not communicate for 6 months.

When the 6 months was up she expected him to come back. He didn’t arrive until

three days later. She told me, at the time, She said, ?I thought he doesn’t

want me any more?, but when he finally arrived they were married.

Pete worked in the woods and around saw mills in Sweden. He could do

almost anything around a saw mill. Also when he was in Sweden, and before he

was married he served in the Swedish army for a year, he was 21 at the time.

While he was in the army there was an officer whom he admired. Now later on I

don’t know when this happened but one time this officer carried our Grandmother,

Ingaborg, over a mile from a cabin where they were snow bound and without fuel

for heat. He carried her for over a mile on his back and she even had some

frostbite feet. They feel that this saved her life. The officers name was

Dalberg without an H. When my Grandfather came to America he took that name.

He wanted to get away from the Swedish the Scandinavian custom of taking the

fathers first name and adding a son to it. Now his name would have been Larson

because his father’s name was Lars or Lewis. But he decided that when he

entered this country that he would take the Swedish name of the officer Dalberg

and that is how we have our name today.

My father was born on November 15, 1928. My fathers name was Lewis and

did not have a middle name (Lewis Dalberg). His brother Pete was born just

about 15 months later. Now Pete was only 22 months old when our Grandfather

left for America. The reason he left Sweden at that particular time was because

there were hard times in Sweden.

In Sweden you could not own land only the Nobel’s or the King owned land.

All the land was in the name of the King or the Nobels. My Grandfather heard

you could get free land in America. More than anything else the wanted land of

his own. His sister and her husband were living in Wisconsin and he was working

in a mill. Now my Grandfather borrowed money from them to come to America. Now

he went to Wisconsin and he worked in a mill for a while until he earned enough

money to send for my Grandmother and my father and his brother. My grandmother

almost did not come because she did not want to leave her father. Her mother

had died earlier. She didn’t want to leave her father and her other brothers

and sisters because she knew that she may never return to Sweden. She delayed

almost another year after she received her ticket as she didn’t want to come

alone. Finally she agreed to come if somebody would come with her. So her

sister Christina, my Grandfather’s sister Emma who later became a Swanson agreed

to come with her. Now according to my mother, Anna Dalberg may have also come

on that ship with them. But if she would have come with them, at that time, she

also would have had a child with her. My Dad in his tape didn’t mention

anything about another child being with them on that ship coming over so it may

not have been Anna it may have been one of his other sisters. But it seems that

Anna Dalberg had a child and when Dalberg wanted to leave Sweden the minister

wouldn’t let him leave Sweden until he married her and then later he didn’t want

to bring her over. So she may have come on the same ship as my Grandmother. My

Dad said that he and Pete really had a great time on the ship. They would run

into the toilets and pull the chain pull and hear the water swish through. My

Grandmother was always cautioning them because she was afraid that they would

wash overboard. Now the two younger women Christina who later became Christina

Thompson and Emma had a great time. There would be music and dancing on the

ship, and there were quite few young single men, on board so the two young women

danced and had a great time. Now when I heard this a few years ago I was really

surprised because Christina Thompson, when she was older, when I knew her, if

there was any music or dancing going on oh she thought that was a sin. So I

thought it was rather funny that this would happen.

Now the ship landed in Baltimore and it got hung up on a sand bar. It

seems that the captain of the ship didn’t want to pay someone to steer the ship

and of course Chesapeake Bay is very unpredictable. The ship got hung up on a

sandbar and was stuck for 24 hours. They had to get tug boats to push it off

when the tides were higher. My Grandmother thought surely that they would sink

there right then and there. But they got off the ship all right and they took

the train to Minnesota.

Pete Dalberg by this time was in Minnesota, and he was managing a farm

in Minnesota. So they took the train to Minnesota and they stayed there about

another year. As I said before one of things my Grandfather wanted more than

anything else was to own land. It seems that land was opening up in Northern

Idaho and by the time he was in this country maybe 2 or 3 years he could file on

a homestead. Now when he entered this country he had declared his intention to

become a citizen. Two years later he had to sign some more papers.

When the time was for him to go he and Doldrin left Minnesota and went

to Idaho and they filed on homesteads at that time close to one another and they

helped each other build log cabins. So my Grandfather then sent for his family.

By this time another child was born, Anna. Anna was the first one born in

America. She was born in Minnesota and she was only about 4 months old when

they came to Idaho. So they left Minnesota by train for Idaho. It was Grandma,

Dad, Pete, Anna and also Emma Swanson and possibly Anna Daldrin and children.

They arrived in Moscow and went to Bear Creek by wagon and they all lived in

that one room log cabin which was close to the stream that ran by and also big

trees up to the cabin. Very little of the land at that time had been cleared.

I don’t know how long they lived in that cabin but I don’t think it was too long

until a house was built. This first house that was built was a little closer to

the creek than the house that we knew. Then later the house that we knew was

built which was a big 2 story house. Of course it never had any electricity

while we were there. My Grandparents lived on that land until they died.

My grandfather first arrived at what we know as Bear Creek in 1888. Or

late 1888 at some time. The family would have arrived there in late 1889. Emma

was the first one born at Bear Creek and she was born in 1889. A little over a

year later Bill was born in 1891. Hilma was born in 1892. After Hilma there

was another daughter born Ester. I don’t know when she was born but she died

when she was a year and a half old of scarlet fever. She is buried in that

cemetery up by Bear Creek. Hjolmer the youngest was born in 1897 December 30,


Pete was about 14 when he died of typhoid fever. Pete was very determined

young man and wanted to be considered an adult and felt he could work like any

man. He would work even when he wasn’t feeling well. This time he worked until

he couldn’t get out of bed. My Dad and Pete had taken a load of lumber to

Uniontown about 35 or 40 miles away with a horse and wagon. On the way back on

a very warm summer day. They stopped at a spring near what is now Joel to get a

drink of water. Evidently the water was contaminated. My Dad did have a mild

case of typhoid fever first but got over it and Pete came down with it. When

they finally got a doctor for him it was too late. Now he worked until he

couldn’t even get out of bed. Now when he was seemingly better our Grandmother

thought she was being good to him fed him some solid food that he shouldn’t have

had. He got worse and soon after died. Our Grandparents then had a total of 8

children. Two of them didn’t reach adulthood. Here is somewhat of a rundown of

their children.

My Dad Lewis P. Dalberg was the oldest in the family. He married Ida C.

Thompson in 1907. Loel was born in 1908 and passed away in 1980. Loel was born

at Bear Creek and Loel was 71 years of age when he died. Virgil was born in

1911 and he now lives in Oroville California. After Virgil we had a sister

Loraine and was born about 1913 in Deary. She died in a tragic accident in

Deary and died at about the age of 11 months. When she tried to get off a bed

and caught her head in a bottom railing, smothered and also broke her neck.

This was a very tragic accident and my Mother had a very difficult time

emotionally getting over it. Fortunately our sister Marshland was born about a

year later in 1915 in Deary and now lives in Libby Montana. Rowland was born in

January of 1918 and died in 1985. During world war II Rowland was a fighter

pilot. He had 59 missions when he was shot down in, Auckind Germany, and was a

prisoner of war in Germany for 7 months. He was pretty badly shot up which

probably contributed to his early demise. I Donald was born on Christmas day in

Deary. That particular day as always we had reunions at my grandparents. My

Mother during that day told my Dad, ?you better take me home?. So I was born

about 9:30 or 10:00 that night on Christmas day. My mother, to build my ego a

little bit told me that was the best Christmas present she ever had. Well I

almost didn’t make it past a year and a half old. When I was a year and a half

old my mother took me to a neighbor lady’s house. The two ladies were talking

in the kitchen and I went into the living room and crawled up on the living room

table. There was a saucer of fly poison there and I tasted it. It tasted good

so I drank it all. Just as I was setting the saucer down my mother came in

checking on me and she immediately knew what I did. She rushed me home and

started throwing water on my face and everything else to try to keep me awake.

Tried everything else to get me to heave it up and I wouldn’t. She sent

Marshland to get the doctor it was about a half hour before Dr. Faust arrived

and he worked with me for a long time he pumped my stomach and finally he told

my mother he said, ?I better give him some pretty strong medicine to counter act

the poison?. He said, ?this medicine is so strong it will probably effect the

joints in my feet and probably stunt my growth some.? He didn’t dare not give

me the medicine. So I was given the medicine and he stayed with me for about 3

hours. Finally after 3 hours I was on the floor again playing and he said, ?now

he will be all right?. But it actually did affect my growth some and did effect

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