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Camera movement plays an important role in creating the ^feel^ of a

movie. This is evident in ^Strictly Ballroom^, particularly in the

dance sequences. The dynamic camera movement in ^Strictly Ballroom^

emphasizes and enhances the dance routines of its main characters. In

the first dance sequence of the movie, the camera movements are long

flowing tracking and pan shots. This emphasizes the smooth and

graceful flow of the waltz being performed. This is in contrast to the

accelerated pace and quick camera cuts used in the Latin dance

segment. Again, the camera is being used as a tool to enhance the

steps the viewer is witnessing. A major theme of ^Strictly Ballroom^,

is Scott^s desire to perform freestyle dance steps. The camera

movement contributes to this underlying theme by also performing in a

freestyle manner. This is evidenced in the scene immediately following

Scott and Tina^s getting boxed in. As Scott breaks through the

barricade created by Ken and partner, he launches into a freestyle

routine. The camera immediately begins behaving in a similar fashion.

It moves around the room freely and spontaneously, capturing long

continuous shots of Scott. This reinforces the sense in the viewer

that neither Scott nor the camera is following any set plan or steps.

Camera movement is also used to highlight the proficiency levels of

various dancers throughout the film. When the viewer first sees Les^

dance studio, it is a very static overhead shot. The lack of camera

movement mirrors the lack of ability of the beginner dancers. When the

camera zooms in on Les, an experienced dancer, it immediately starts

tracking him; this illustrates the difference between Les and his

students. Nowhere are the effects of camera movement more effectively

used than in the scenes showing Fran^s progression to becoming an

accomplished dancer. Initially, she is introduced as an uncoordinated

novice; shot with very sparse camera movement. Through the evolution

of her learning stages, the camera mirrors her increasing fluidity and

agility. Through the dynamic usage of camera movement, the viewer is

given a heightened awareness of motion and action in the dancing

scenes. This extends to the viewer an appreciation of the level of

skill required to participate in ballroom dancing.

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