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An Unbalanced Equation Essay, Research Paper

An Unbalanced Equation

I think the number one cause of youth association of drugs is the un-involvement of the parents. All major causes of youth drug abuse can be prevented if the parents had more impact and/or were more involved in their children?s lives. Here are my personal, significant reasons of youth drug abuse:

Peer Pressure- Parents should teach their children to be leaders.

Problems in the Household/ Neglect- Parents should pay more attention to their children?s lives and emotions.

Watching and Acting- In most cases, children believe that if their friends or family members are doing drugs and drinking, then it won?t hurt them if they do it too. This falls into Peer Pressure but without direct or verbal pressure.

Boredom- Parents should especially play a part in solving this problem. They should put their kids in as many clubs and/or sports and activities as possible, preferably ?drug-free? clubs. That way, your children won?t desire to try drugs.

Curiosity- Pending?.

The reason I say that this is pending is because parents can?t control their children?s curiosity. Since the beginning of time, a child?s main thriving force to do foolish things has been, their curiosity. It?s a youth?s main explanation for sticking our finger in the electric socket, even though our parents have scolded us repeatedly and have taught us the right thing. We would go to a dangerous party that our siblings would go to even though our parents told us not to, but our siblings say that it is harmless. We will obey our siblings out of curiosity or because we feel that they know better than our parents because they are our age and they know about more up to date, and modern parties than our ?old-fashioned? parents.

You may ask, ?How can I prevent or discontinue this impression??. A desperate endeavor may be to explain to your kids that you were once their age too, and even though the 70?s/ 80?s may seem like it has changed from the modern days, it has not, youth then had the same amount of peer pressure and curiosity that we have now and they have been-there-done-that. Consider making them believe this and showing them that you know more about the peer pressure that they are about to encounter. I realize that I am a child as well, and sometimes I don?t have faith in my parents? warnings. Hence, I don?t know a method to gain trust of your child.

After listening to my justification about getting the parents more involved, then you may ask, ?How do we save the children with negligent parents from deteriorating society (or hurting themselves)??

We could teach and help parents realize the severe immoral harm and destruction they are causing, to not only their kids, but whom their kids sell to, pressure and influence, the good. In conclusion, maybe these drug abusing parents don?t realize how much they are causing havoc toward these children and how their addiction(s) are blinding them from seeing the lack of love and consideration that they are showing to their children.

The plain, main reasons for drug abuse in the youth society is absence of extreme enforcement power and severe precautions in the parents? priorities, and the presence of extreme peer pressure by the victim?s friends with the presence of incurable curiosity. It is an unbalanced equation.

(-power of parents+-severe precaution

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