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Harriet Tubman Essay, Research Paper


Harriet Tubman was a brave woman, she managed to take eleven slaves to

Canada, with no one noticing anything. She also did something that was

surprising, she took the gun that she had with her to make a slave stay or to die,

“We got to go free or die.” She didn’t allowed a slave to go back while they were

traveling because someone might figured that he/she were returning from the

running slaves and might have to answer questions. She traveled to differents

places to stay like Thomas Garret’s house in Wilmington, Delaware. She wanted

to get to Canada to have a chance to feel what it would be like to be free. She

painted pictures of what she thought Canada would be like, that shows she

wanted to be free. In the couples of houses she stopped to get food and to get

warm, I believe the persons that owned the houses agreed that they should be

free, but they were too afraid to make a move. At the start of the story they were

searching for Moses who they thought it was a man, which it was not it was

Harriet Tubman, who wanted to run off slaves. The slaves at the story were

patience. Harriet had promised them food, and shelter, when they got to the first

stop in the farmhouse the man said they were a lot of slaves and that it was not

safe, because the farmhouse had been searched a week ago before they arrived

there, so they didn’t had what she had promised them. The slaves didn’t

screamed at her or complained. When they arrived to Canada I think that even

though they went through difficulties they got what they always dreamed,

FREEDOM which means the condition of being free of restraints. They had to

pay a valuable price in able to get freedom which is their lives. They could been

killed if they gave up and people would find out, they worked hard to make their

dream come true. Harriet is a woman who fought for her rights, and won.

Mark Twain thought that being a pilot was cool, because they got paid a

good salary. Everyone in Mississippi thought it was a great position to be a pilot.

He decided to become a pilot and run away until he became one. I believe he

thought that he cold not become a pilot if he stayed home.

Mr. Brown was Mark’s boss he didn’t treated him fairly, he treated him like he

was a slave. He used him when he wanted too. Mark didn’t liked to be treated

this way. Mark once said in the story “I often want to kill Mr. Brown.” He

committed a crime which was that he striked him and beat him up. When Mr.

Brown comes and complains to the captain about the cub Mark he refuses to

work with him and says that either he goes or he will not work anymore. the

captain says the Mark is not leaving that the person that is leaving is himself. I

think he notices that Mark was being mistreated and was being treated like a

slave. He finally knows how a slave feels like, and sees why they want to be free.

I believe these two stories are alike with the word freedom because Harriet

makes her dream come true like on the pictures she drew, and how Mark felt

almost as a slave.

please email me at a_coolguy56@yahoo.com

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