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I personally found this to be a very tough subject to comment on. I watched the video and

found myself thinking that it really does rely on whom you know and not your present

situation. Well we do live in America and that is just the way it is. If this person was

me and my doctors told me there was no other cure I would take the treatment knowing

that if it did not save my life that the at least I would have given someone a chance to

live in the future. If this is a terminal disease then think of all the benefits if the drug

actually did cure the disease. Concerning the policy I would have to make it as a first

come basis because everyone deserves a chance. I found myself very disturbed while

watching the video at what influence could achieve. My point is if this disease was cancer

and knowing how it would affect society, it should not matter who you know but are you

willing to give your life to further advance the possibility of a cure. I would have to

stand my grounds and remain ethically true. Being threatened would not sway my

protocol process. The main objective is to save lives not to make a friend. The

subcommittee should not use its influence to get a son, nephew, or cousin into treatment

before anyone else. Although I would only be dreaming and would lose my position I

would stick to my beliefs of knowing what I did was correct. This to me would be the

most important thing about this lesson and as long as I was fair in my process I would

have no trouble sleeping at night.

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