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The Significance of River Systems in Our World

River systems do many things in today s world. They shape the way lands are formed and established. For example, if a certain area has a nearby large river it shapes that area in a different way than an area without a river. An area with a river might be more moist and suitable for vegetation. Also, the people living in an area with a river might find it easy to wash and contain a home. Finally, the rivers also affect the land through ground water, changing the way a community is shaped.

Another important factor of how a river system can affect the world is climate. In many areas around the world a river s volume and size can greatly affect the climate of that area. When a river is large and filled with more a lot of water, it makes more of a chance that the rivers water will evapourate, or water from that river that is on land will evapourate. After that water has condensed it creates precipitation, whether it me rain, snow or hail. This precipitation alters the area of the world. Weather in many areas determines the growth of the area. For example, if not for its great weather, Florida would not be the rich, tourist attraction it is now. It is hard to say that these systems have a direct impact on the world but over time they certainly do.

Rivers also in many ways can affect the industry of a certain area. As you know, when rivers freeze and create ice or glaciers, it may complicate the development of an area. For example, if a small river freezes close to an area where a railroad track may be being built, it might be a complication the reach the tracks without slipping and hurting themselves.

Finally, rivers can greatly impact the habitants of an area s recreational activities. If a river freezes, this creates an area the play hockey in the wintertime. If the rivers create precipitation it makes conditions more difficult to play a sport or recreational activity.

In conclusion, river systems have a great impact on the world because they are very much involved of the developing or different areas all over the world. Not only this, but I believe the principle reason that these river systems have such an impact is because they don t dry out often. Tributaries, melt water and ground water are just a few examples of what keep rivers flowing so that they may have an impact on our lives.

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