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Book Title: Fahrenheit 451 Author: Ray Bradbury Original

date of publication: 1953 Part A.) The Author. Visit the

reference section of a library. Drawing from at least two

sources, share the life story of the author. Discuss how the

author’s life and circumstances may have influenced the

novel. (Use your own words.) Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury

was born in Waukegan, Illinois on August 22, 1920. Ray

Bradbury is an American novelist, short-story writer,

essayist, playwright, screenwriter, and poet. Bradbury’s first

book that got published was “Hollerbochens Dilemma”.

Bradbury’s most popular novel, was Fahrenheit 451, it was

released in 1953. Ray Bradbury has been awarded the O.

Henry Memorial Award, the Benjamin Franklin Award in

1954. Bradbury was an imaginative child, and being the

creative child he was he was prone to nightmares. I think the

way he thought when he was a child is finally coming out and

he is writing about his fantasies. Source: May, Keith M.

Aldous Huxley. Paul Elek Books Ltd., 1972 Source: Allen,

Walter The Modern Novel. Dutton, 1964 Part B.) The Plot.

In clear careful sentences. Summarize the plot. Try to limit

your synopsis to 300-350 words. This book takes place in

the future, in Elm City. The book takes place around a man

named, Guy Montage. Guy was married to his wife, Mildred

Montage. Guy had an unusual job; it was not to put out fires

but to start them. He would start books on fire, because it

was against the law to read books. The reason the books

were being burnt was because people were afraid of them,

they thought they put bad ideas in your head that you don’t

need, at least that is what Guys boss Captain Beatty

believed. Guy never thought he was doing anything wrong till

he talked to a seventeen-year-old girl, who said that people

weren’t always afraid of books. Then the next time he was

supposed to burn some books, he took one home with him.

Later on his boss Captain Beatty found out, and she said this

was his only chance, and he ignored it and she later burns

down his house, and then his wife left him because of it. All

he had was a book, and with that he fought the society.

Discuss (describe) the scene you find the most dramatic. The

scene I found to be the most dramatic, would have to be

when Guy was on a burning streak, and he got to a house

with a women and a lot of books, she would not get out of

the house so he could burn the books, so he burnt her with

the books, killing her. Share the scene you find the most

amusing. If there is not one, discuss this. The one scene I

found the most amusing would have to be when Guy and his

wife, Mildred were in the house looking at some books

when his boss Captain Beatty, made a surprise visit. Once

they saw her at the door they scrambled around the house to

try to hide the books so she wouldn’t see them, while yelling,

“be there in a minute Beauty”. If you could Change anything

about the plot, what would it be and why? If I could change

anything about the plot I might change the part about

Clarisse McClellan, the girl my age, to live instead of dying

like she does in the book. The reason I say that is because,

she is the one who opened Guys eyes to see that what he

was doing was wrong. Part C. The Setting. Explain the main

setting (time and place) of the novel. This book took place in

a little city named, Elm City. The novel took place in the

future. Does the setting change? How? The setting does

change, it changes when he got caught reading books, from

then on he had to flee his city, and run from the law. Would

the story be effective if it were set in another time/place?

Explain. I don’t think the book would be as effective in the

past or present, because we know the past, and present,

and according to this book, it is not true. What truth about

society or about human condition does this book reveal? In

this novel, Guy Montage has a wife Mildred. Just like in

today’s society they fight. What is different is that unlike

today’s society they still stay together, instead of getting

divorced. The Montages also thought that was the way a

marriage was supposed to be like. Guy Montage is able to

see through the government and the official policies of his

society. He does by questioning everything around him. This

novel represents today how we are influenced by what other

people think. Part D.) Characterization. Using quotes as well

as actual details and plot events, discuss the following: What

is the protagonist’s (main characters) physical appearance?

Throughout the book the main character, Guy Montages

appearance isn’t really stated throughout the book. What

kind of person is he/she? During the beginning of the novel

Guy appears to be a ruthless person, burning houses down.

As he stood, “with this great python spitting its venomous

kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head. . .”

It is not till he meets the seventeen-year-old girl that he

realizes what he is doing is wrong. From then on he changes

into a passionate person and changes his old ways. Who

offers the most conflict for the protagonist? Describe

him/her. What is the conflict? The person that caused Guy

the most trouble would have to be his wife, Mildred. She

thinks of herself, and has to have it her way, just like in the

book when Guys boss burnt their house down and she had

to have it her way so she left him. Many writers make the

use of stereotypes in their novels to add texture/ dimension/

familiarity to their work. Discuss/ describe a minor character

in the novel. What does he/ she bring to the novel (humor,

drama, contrast, controversy…)? A minor character would

be Mildred; she brings hate to the novel. She also causes

change to Guy; she causes him to have hate towards others

and to get every thing you want. Another minor character

bringing change to the novel would be the

seventeen-year-old girl named, Clarisse McClellan. She

causes change to Guy buy changing the way he thought and

help him open his eyes. Is this stereotype DYNAMIC

(one-dimensional but changing) or STATIC

(one-dimensional and unchanging)? This stereotype is

DYNAMIC. Which character do you empathize with the

most? Explain. If I had to pick a character that empathizes

the most with me, it would have to Guy Montage. Because

throughout his life he believes that what he is doing with the

books is right, but he finds out that it isn’t, and he has to

change everything that he believes, and live a new life from

what he is living now. I had a similar change and it changed

my life, the way I believed on certain topics. Which

character do you dislike the most? Why? The character I

dislike the most would have to be Mildred Montage,

because she is so selfish and has to get whatever she wants.

If you were handed a $250,000,000 budget and the services

of Steven Spielberg as director, who would you cast as the

main characters in your film version of the book? Why? (Use

actors, not friends) I would cast Jim Carrey, and Pamela

Anderson. Jim Carrey as Guy Montage, and Pamela

Anderson as Mildred Montage. These two would be perfect

for this book, Jim bringing laughter, and Pamela bringing the

looks, therefore making this film a hit. Part E. Style,

Structure, and Meaning. Locate any or one detail or element

that functions symbolically in this novel. Wheather it be a

color, an object, or an action, describe it and discuss what

you believe it stands for. One object that functions symbolic

in this novel are mechanical dogs. Today we characterize

dogs as mans best friend, but in this novel they are seen as

enemies. This describes are society and how it messed up.

One thing I learned from this novel is that we are never

satisfied with life, but life still goes on. Discuss the

significance of the book’s title. The significance of the books

title is 451 degrees is the temperature at which books burn.

Part F. Your Opinion. In two to three paragraphs, share

your reaction to this novel. In closing, explain whether you

would recommend it to your friends. My reaction to this

novel is that the future wont be as extreme as the book has

it, but something in life might replace the book, such as the

computer, or maybe an advanced calculator. I don’t think

that just because one person believes that books are bad,

that everyone should think the same, as they do in the book.

This book, if I had to rate it, it would be some were around

8 because it had some cool parts, but it also had some dumb

parts. Over all I thought the book was good and I would

recommend it to one of my friends.

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