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Before being named Arch Bishop, Becket found his pride in serving Henry and performing his duties as his Lord Chamberlain, all the while searching for his true honor and pride. He found them to be defending the honor of God and the Church after he became Arch Bishop.

Becket always found his pride in accomplishing his obligations whether it be to the Church and God as Arch Bishop or to Henry as Lord Chamberlain. After becoming Arch Bishop, Becket realizes that he’s unworthy and has been a shallow, weak man. He put his service to Henry before his duty to God, and gave away his love in doing this. Becket feels ashamed of what he has done and unworthy of his new obligations. This leads him to do whatever it takes to maintain the honor of the Church and God even if it means going against Henry and betraying his obligations as Lord Chamberlain. The obligations he feels he has to God and the Church exceed his obligations as Lord Chamberlain. His excommunication of Lord Gilbert is an example of this. Becket refuses to agree with Henry and even other church officials such as the Bishop of London in that Lord Gilbert should not be excommunicated. In order to defend God’s honor, Becket feels he must maintain this position and carry out the excommunication no matter what the cost. The cost being his life. As a result of Becket going against Henry, he is falsely accused of treason and is exiled. Even after being exiled, he continues to serve God in an abbey in France until he is killed by Henry’s men and therefore finds his true honor.

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