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Fifth Bisiness Essay, Research Paper

Part Five

 Sometimes we may think that we know other people, but you never fully know the whole picture. Milo doesn?t know the circumstances of Boy, Leola and Dunstan?s relationship, or how each feels about the other. Even Boy, Leola and Dunstan don?t fully know each other. Boy thought he stole Leola away from Dunstan, but Dunstan didn?t really want her anyway.

 Most people do look for someone more like themselves. People try to maintain certain qualities in themselves, and they look for those same qualities in other people. They can relate better with someone more than themselves. And it gives them more to talk about. Boy always tried to make Leola more like himself, but quite unsuccessful. Then, after Leola?s death, he met Denyse who is a lot like himself. They both are trying to make it to the top in the business world.

 People want marvels that defy all verifiable facts because they want to be amazed from their everyday boring lives. They want something that is not just black and white. They need to believe in something. They want proof that there is not just science, that there is something more in the world. Eisingrims show is so popular because he can perform tricks that defy the verifiable facts. He brings a sense of mystery and amazement into the crowd.

 The first judgement on a person is made by their looks. Someone can look real ugly or beautiful and that is what we think of him or her at first glance. But once we begin to talk to them and know their personality, they may become more beautiful or less beautiful. For example, Leisl was really ugly at first glance, but her personality made her look less ugly. Also, Leola was the prettiest girl in Deptford, but her dumbness and lack of personality made her less beautiful.

 Romance and marvels is what people are looking for in their lives. People want something more than just the facts of their boring routine lives. Dunstan has spent his life in search of marvels. And people flock to Eisingrims show just to get a glance of the marvels he performs.

 I think that captivating intellect and charm is more important than physical beauty because a person can make themselves more beautiful using their personality. A person may be interested in you based on your looks at first, but in the end, the personality is what matters. For example, Boy wanted Leola because she was the most beautiful girl in Deptford. But Boy did not stay with Leola because Leola had nothing to offer personality wise.

 People can have secrets with themselves, but once they tell someone, it is no longer a secret. Dunstan had kept a secret all his life, and it was a secret that nobody knew. In the end all the secrets came out into the open.

 It?s hard to say weather opposites attract or not. It differs with each situation. Boy and Leola were opposites in intelligence and personality, but similar in looks. Sometimes similarities cant stay together, for example, if two people talked non stop and both wanted to be leaders, then they could not stick together.

 Most people do want to marvel at something. Look at how many shows involve romance, mystery and excitement like all the soap operas, and talk shows and sitcoms. People loved to watch Paul?s show because it involves all of these things.

 There are many people in the world today that want people to marvel at them. For example any famous sports athlete, movie star, or singer.

Part Six

 A god is someone or something that you are afraid of, but respect at the same time. People can create a god with their imaginations, and truly believe it to be real. A person can also elaborate on something to make it powerful and mighty to seem like a god. Dunstan did this in his book about Eisingrim. He made Paul seem to be a god.

 This is true, in a sense. All the big political leaders always look young, the way boy did. They never want to get old.

 I don?t think that Dunstan is right. I think that people can maintain their youngness. Boy maintained his youngness, until he realized that he was old. But if someone is young at heart, I think that that is great. Why should someone have to be old just because time is passing?

 I agree that the child reappears in old age. Old people and children both have little responsibility. They no longer handle situations rationally. Dunstan once again becomes someone that is good at making ?good ones?. Boy is back to mean tricks the way he was when he was a kid by putting the rock in the snowball.

 I don?t think that anyone wishes to have drugs imposed on him or her to change their behavior. A person?s behavior is part of who they are. If you change his or her behavior you are changing that person into someone different. I think that everyone should have the right to act the way they wish, as long as they are not harming others. The only reason why you should use drugs is if they are harming other people.

 I have never known a saint, nor have I known a fool saint, so I don?t know which to believe. I guess that it is different with each person that you think may be a saint.

 Yes I do agree. Everyone has to sometime in his or her life bring ill luck to someone else. Even if you don?t realize it. Weather you get a job offer before someone else or you win a lottery that someone else could have won. There are numerous examples. Boy brought ill luck to Dunstan by throwing the snowball and Dunstan to Mrs. Dempster by dodging the snowball and Mrs. Dempster to Paul by being such a kook.

 Beauty and goodness in a person?s life is the optimal result of belief. If a person is happy with what they believe in and are a better person for it, then the belief is well worth while. Belief brings purpose to a person?s life. It brought purpose to Dunstan?s life.

 I don?t think that Dunstan not wanting to write Boy?s autobiography was hypocritical. Eisingrims was totally fiction, Boy?s would have to be all fact. Denyse is too bossy and would want things her way all the time anyway. Dunstan is getting old and he just doesn?t want to put up with it.

 I do have a friendship with my cousins Becky and Johny that we just carry on the conversation from where we started from.

 I would rather have Denyse as a friend. I think that I would probably be scared of Liesl.

 Having an ally brings out the worst in us because it reinforces our actions. If it?s two against one, it?s easier to pick on the weaker side. An ally supports your decisions and you become less hesitant to express your decisions.

 Sometimes you can recognize revenge, like when Dunny just ignored Boy, he knew that boy couldn?t stand it, and therefore got revenge on him. But sometime you cant recognize revenge and sometimes you don?t recognize it until after the fact, because after you have done your revenge the person feels bad and most of the time wishes that they did not take revenge.

 Once you find out your own mystery, you cant reverse it and go back to not knowing. You can?t hide the truth any longer.

 We all are geeks, metaphorically speaking. We take advantage of other people when we can. We help each other and feed off each other?s ideas. When you put someone down, you feed off of that and make yourself feel better.

 We do all have selective memories. I don?t think that anyone can remember everything that has happened in his or her life. People only remember the important things, or what they think is important to remember. Boy forgot about the snowball because it was unimportant to him that Mrs. Dempster went simple. You remember parts of childhood that fit into the character that you want to be, and simply forget the parts that don?t fit your chosen character.

 I think that it was Eisengrim who killed Boy. He was the one to take the stone from Dunstan?s room because he said, ?He had everything he needed? and how else would the stone end up in Boy?s mouth if Eisengrim hadn?t put it there. Also Eisengrim left no hints to the police that it was a murder because he is so good at magic.

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