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artifact rightsI believe that artifacts should not be brought back to their homes. I believe that these artifacts that have been found should stay dispersed throughout the world, as is already. I believe that there would be many losses in transporting them back. I believe that artifacts should not be brought back to their homes so students and adults education of history can be enhanced. If there were museums dispersed around countries, this would make it easier to learn about ancient civilizations. This will allow students to be able to see these artifacts they read about in real life, making a more in-depth learning process. This has already been partially done. There are many different museums around the world that include ancient artifacts. This enriches education to students if they are able to access these museums. The more museums the more probability that schools will be able to access these artifacts. They will be able to learn more about them as well. If there was a global workforce to put them back to their place of finding this would probably make crime rates increase. Imagine the price value of an Athenian artifact that was not in Greece, but in California. This would make the artifact more rare since it is not where it should be. This would cause the price value of these artifacts to rise as well. To transport them back would not only increase crime it would also take a large amount of effort to ensure the safety of the artifacts. If they were to bring back the artifacts, would they have to buy them back from the private investors, or would they be allowed to take them, causing pandemonium.

These are just some of the reasons why of the statement that artifacts should not be returned to their homeland. I do not believe that they should, and I do not believe that they will ever. I believe that many people realized the task force it would take to complete this deed, and the consequences that may result. by rk74@hotmail.com

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