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Temperate Deciduous Forest

Temperate deciduous forests are found in all of the continents except Antarctica. Temperate deciduous forests are most commonly found in eastern US, Europe, western Asia, parts of Australia, and Canada.

The temperate deciduous forest has a temperate climate and defined seasons. In this forest there are 75-125 centimeters of rainfall each year. The deciduous forest biome changes seasons by the position of the sun and rotation of the Earth. This causes the sun to be warming one portion of the Earth more than others.

Many organisms from the six kingdoms dwell within the deciduous forest. From the kingdom Plantae there are oak, maple, beech, and birch trees. Mushrooms from the kingdom Fungi live in the forest. There are many types of bacteria from the kingdom Monera. Paramecium lives within ponds and lakes in the forest which are from the kingdom of Protista.

There are lots of animals that inhabit the deciduous forests like chipmunks, tree frogs, deer, ducks, bears, beavers, and cottontail rabbits. All six of those species are vertebrates. Deer, bears, beavers, and rabbits are all mammals. Frogs are amphibians and ducks are Aves. More vertebrates are from the class Aves ( birds) and from the class Amphibia ( frogs and toads). Examples of invertebrates are slugs and snails. Another examples of the invertebrates are organisms such as spiders, ticks or mites.

The land consists of flat lands, forests and some small hills. There are many organisms in the Plantae kingdom including daisies, ferns, mosses and oak trees, along with many other varieties of trees. Fungi include many mushrooms and lichens that eat the dead wood on the forest floor.

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