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Lost Mind Essay, Research Paper

Reaching back for something that isn’t there you suddenly feel you no longer

care your once soft feelings are hard as stone and in your decisions you are now

alone pages ripped out of your book of life the same as being stabbed with a

butcher knife there’s no direction, don’t know who’s the boss you feel alone,

you feel so lost from an "A" to a "C" student you have

turned the ripped out pages have now been burned you lost your smarts and you

lost your mind you feel stuck out, a one and only kind everything sucks, but

still you try to find yourself an alibi some good dirrection must soon be found

or you’ll be six feet underground without a hope, without a chance your life is

gone in one quick glance you picked the wrong door and must pay the cost of

being confused, and yet still lost you see a relative, you see a saint this

beautiful sight makes you faint love is overwhelming, fear is out of sight you

squeeze your loved ones, you hold them tight then everything suddenly begins to

fade you find yourself in a very different place then a ghostly figure

approaches you but his color is RED, not BLUE your temperature quickly begins to

rise a lake of tears fill into your eyes you’ve heard of this place, you know it

well you’re stuck down in the pits of hell the figure tells you to sin, whenever

and not to trust anyone, never he says to be mean, to talk in ugly words after

all the word "live" is "evil" spelled backwards then, once

again, things fade in a hurry everything then becomes all blurry a new, bright

light shines into your eyes it’s the kind of thing that makes you cry you wake

to see the morning sun the visions and figures you saw are gone it seemed so

real, but I’m glad it’s not because now I’m thankful for what I’ve got no need

to be scared, it was just a dream just take a breath, you must redeem though you

can tell you’re home by the morning frost you still have no direction, you are

still lost.

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