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Impeachment Editorial

As a Senator, issues concerning many topics important to our country s well being are brought about, but nothing as important as impeachment. Two presidents who have been tried under the grounds of impeachment are Andrew Johnson and William Clinton. This is my view on the cases.

One of the major deciding factors on your views of this trial is the political party to which you belong. Democrats will try to argue that these articles are not grounds for impeachment because they are for the democratic president. Republicans will tend to believe the president is not moral and should be impeached. The basic moral arguments against Clinton are lying, adultery, and bribery but should it have even reached the point where these arguments had to be discussed? To me NO!!!!!! Yes he did lie to a grand jury but he should have never been put before one in the first place. What he did had nothing to do with the country. Nothing during his presidency was shown to be affected by his affair. Impeachment was not created to make the presidents sexual life the headline of all newspapers, but to show justice to the people. In no way before impeachment was discussed, did the president give the people reason to question how he was doing his job in office. In my view Andrew Johnson had reason to be impeached because he basically disrespected Congress, questioned the Constitution and discriminated against blacks. He was in some way defying what the Constitution said to be wrong by denying certain people power. What he did had something to do with how the nation would work and the government giving me reason to believe he should have been impeached but somehow got off the hook. As to who can say if these “crimes” were high crimes, no one can. It is left for the people, who which impeachment was created, to decide.

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